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You're the f***ing anti-christ aren't you? You've actually managed to rip on one of the most fun toy lines of its time. Gawd!

I am something I don't believe in. How emo of me.

Tell me I'm wrong on any of those points though. C'mon, tell me I'm wrong, prove it, show me how Mattel didn't suck with the things they did wrong with MOTU. They did a lot of things right, but you cannot tell me in all good conscience that I was off base. Or do you need to get back to playing with your Comet Warriors and She-Ra figures?

I totally agree, but if you can hunt around a bit to find things for a decent price and with proper paint jobs, it's worth it.
LA is not kind to this line, hunting is not an option, it's very popular with the scalper set, cases don't seem to make it to floors at all.

The real problem though, is that you live in scalper central... which sucks. And it's all the more frustrating and stupid, because Mattel is right f***ing there. I'll never understand why they don't open up an outlet where the public can wander in and buy things.
They used to have one, it became scalper central, so they closed it to only employees, then it was the same problem so they made it scratch n dent. Mattel cheeses me off.