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If you need help there, let me know - the Kalibak wave has been plentiful in my area so far. I've even found a few of the Atom Smasher wave on shelves several times now (the Flashes, Captain Cold, and Aquaman.) The only one that's been very hard to find at all has been Dr. Impossible. Of course, with my schedule it could take a while before I manage to send any out...
Thanks for the offer, Roojay! Actually what I really need help looking for is Mass Device set #5.

I would definitely buy a DCUC Shining Knight, were he to be made!

Btw, Mattel has revealed their SDCC exclusives

DCUC Wonder Twins + Gleek (pass)

DCIH Anti Monitor (might want one)

JLU Abin Sur/Sinestro/Hal Jordan (definite buy!)


Ghostbusters Egon w. Slimer

Buzz Lightyear (want!)

Red Mater w. Mia/Tia