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    Awesome! No warning last time, and two hours after I'm well away from any computer this time! If I still manage to miss out on this set, Mattel will only be assuring that I won't be buying any of the rest of the Crime Syndicate.

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    Because Mattel hates selling product, I suspect.
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    Quote Originally Posted by RooJay View Post
    Awesome! No warning last time, and two hours after I'm well away from any computer this time! If I still manage to miss out on this set, Mattel will only be assuring that I won't be buying any of the rest of the Crime Syndicate.
    Don't fret, Roojay! Ultraman/Luthor are still available right now.

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    Yeah, I got lucky this time, and they didn't sell out. Not only that, but I've already received them from UPS this afternoon! Cool figures!

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    I bought DCUC Robin over the weekend. That was the first time I had seen him at retail and this was the All Star packaging version, btw.

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    I got the Infinite Crisis Superman/Supergirl/Wonder Girl today. At Ross. For $4.99. For my daughter, who loves Superman.

    When I actually opened them for her, I was shocked. These IC figures look mediocre in the package, but they're really, really awful once opened. Mattel put these out against Marvel's 3.75" figures, which have production values similar to GIJoe or Star Wars? What the hell were they smoking?

    I paid $5 for them, for a 3-year-old, and I feel ripped off! Luckily, she likes Superman and "the girls," and that's what counts.

    Aside from the really shoddy construction, I'm not sure what disturbs me more: the incredible amount of disparity between Superman (who looks like someone at least tried to make an action figure) or the two females (who are weak even by Happy Meal standards), or the fact that, though the box clearly was intact and untampered-with, it came with two stands for three figures. Not sure how that works. She has no use for the stands, and I can find a definite purpose for them, so no biggie, but, still, is that crappy quality control, or do they not know that two is not equal to three?

    Bottom line: I can't believe this was originally $15.
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    Chux, Mattel includes stands only for female figures in Infinite Heroes and Justice League Unlimited. If it's multipack and there are 2 females, you get 2 stands and if only one, you get only one stand.

    In terms of acquisitions, I found a Shazam/Captain Marvel with Kalibak piece last week so I just need the head and torso. I'd bid for them but I'd like the Killer Moth figure as well.

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    I spotted the TRU exclusive MM 12'' Joker a few days ago; I have to say this looks MUCH MUCH better in person. The black paint around the eyes isn't out of control like we saw on promo photos; it looks really cool.

    Not $40 cool, but cool nonetheless. Had it been in the $20 range, i'd consider it, but $40? Nah.
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    Stands only for the women? I guess it's to make up for figures that look like a** and have totally ridiculous proportions (like waists narrower than necks).

    BTW, when did Wonder Girl get so dramatically "re-interpreted" so as to have enough confidence to not wear the wig and goggles, much less bare most of her upper body? I actually thought the totally self-conscious superhero was a clever idea.
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    She grew up. Wonder Girl, in recent years, has gone through a pretty nicely handled bit of character growth and development which has led to her coming out of her shell and becoming a very strong, confident woman - as is befitting of a character so closely tied to the Amazons. I say in recent years, but this actually started even back when she was still part of Young Justice. Actually, the figure is so poorly designed that it's ended up showing what appears to be a lot more flesh than was frequently seen in the books. Wonder Girl has also recently taken to wearing a newer, much more modest (and in my opinion, much cooler) costume:


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