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    Superhero Times have posted pics of Series 12. Very cool stuff! I really dig the Metal Men's Iron, and Doctor Mid-Nite is another all-time, personal favorite (would have been nice to have the modern version to go along with Mister Terrific, but I actually prefer the classic version.) The headsculpt on Copperhead is especially wicked, but I'm not too fond of the headsculpt on Eclipso, though. Also, Spectre with glow-in-the-dark skin!!!

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    I'm not really sure who any of them are, but they look really good.
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    Ahh... nice! They all look great. Darkseid looks good as well and comes with a killing glove.

    The way things are going, I should find this wave just in time for my 50th birthday in 2018.

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    That Darkseid is incredible!! I want that some kind of bad.
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    Y'know, every time I think Hasbro sucks, with some garbage like the impossible-to-find "Best of the 80s" GIJoe DVD set (with an exclusive figure and the fifth piece of the build-a-MASS Device, and which they swear should be available at stores), I look at the fusterclucks at Mattel and think, "Hasbro really isn't that bad, after all."
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    Yeah, Mattel is really starting to wear on my nerves lately. As if the Wal-Mart exclusives weren't hard enough to find, now we can look forward to never owning the regular release figures as well. Boo, I say!

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    You know, I was just thinking to myself the other day that it finally seems like Mattel is finally getting the problems worked out with this line. Seemed like the best idea they'd had in a long time that Series 9 was going to be available at Matty Collector, and in fact, I had decided because of this that it wouldn't be necessary to pre-order the set early online as I had become used to doing. Now there's another entire wave that I'm betting I will never see in person. EPIC. FAIL.

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    If and when they ever make a DCUC Apache chief, Samuari, Black vulcan, El Dorado and Rima the jungle girl 5 pack please dont make it Walmart exclusive !! I would prefer Target, TRU or even SDCC 2010 !!

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    Quote Originally Posted by RUSHBOY View Post
    ...or even SDCC 2010 !!
    Sad when it's easier to get hold of items that are only available at one place in the world, than it is to get them at Wal-Mart, no?


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