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    Picked this up as a Site-to-store order last week from Wal-Mart.

    Also, you guys have all seen the DC Hostess snacks, right? They also have Superman Twinkies, but they were just regular Twinkies with Superman on the box and were not, therefore, interesting enough for me to buy. My brother mentioned that it would have been an awesome opportunity for Hostess to try out some red velvet Twinkies, and made me really wish they had.

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    I've seen some of those Hostess snack boxes.

    I got JLU Superman red and Ultraman in the mail from today. Unfortunately, they just used a padded envelope to ship them!

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    Look carefully at your Series 15 figures (hopefully before you buy them if possible) my Martian Manhunter had mismatched arms - one was the same arm used for Hawkman, and the other was from a less muscular sculpt (and missing the vein detail of the other) and my OMAC has two right, upper arms. Luckily, I ended up with the variant Martian Manhunter and I didn't care if he was uneven, so I swapped the arm with the regular version. No idea what I'm going to do about OMAC, but it's bugging the heck out of me!

    Other than that, I'm seriously in love with my Validus wave figures! I'm now two characters away from completion of my Satellite era Justice League! Zatanna will hopefully be out soon, leaving only The Elongated Man. Kind of weird knowing that I already own series 15, and series 14 seemingly hasn't even begun shipping yet, though. Wal-Mart seriously sucks!

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    I've got Superman and Batman.

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    I received my JLU Parademons from today.

    DCUC wave 14 is starting to appear, btw.

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    I found DCUC wave 14 at WM today! They were all in "go back" shopping carts though and I only saw GL Alan Scott, Tyr and Hourman. I bought just the GL.

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    I went to Glendora walmart today and they had about 36 Green lantern 5
    packs on an endcap !! I was hoping they would lower the price but nope, they were 59.97 ! Also they didn't have any wave 14

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    I'm longing to have an Ultra Humanite, so I'll be forced to get the entire wave - which I have yet to see at all.

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    Was able to order the Doom Patrol from Matty's site today without much of a hassle. I missed out the first time and now that oversight has been corrected. The same goes for B'Wana Beast, who I didn't want before watching Batman:Brave and the Bold's season opener.

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    Picked up DCUC TRU exclusive Nightwing.


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