So heres a story Ive been wanting to tell but havent had time to sit down and put photos on the computer. Here is goes:

So about 2 weeks ago my girlfriend and I were out flying our kites at a park that is out on the tip of a penninsula in the Lake Superior harbor. If anyone has seen a photo of the "famous" Duluth Lift Bridge you probably have a good idea what Im talking about. Well, theres also a airport about 100 yards away from said park where people land there water planes and what have you........Anyways, we were flying our kites (its very windy out in the harbor) and everything was great.Then, my girlfriend spotted another kite, on the ground,. It was one of those cheap 3 dollar special ones you can never get to fly. It was still tied to a string and we found out after investigation that the string traveled the ENTIRE length of the park and was tied to a soccer net. After some later calculations we figured there was 800+ feet of string stretching this field. I picked up the kite and low and behold it was a Star Wars kite, go figure. I casually threw it up in the air expecting it to flop to the ground like those kinds of kited usually do.........WRONG, it went straight up. It was incredible. 800 feet up. Man oh man ive never seen such a thing. I thought the string would break. We thought "Hey, lets try and reel it in" Well we got half way and the string broke; the kite took off out over the harbor........

But theres more! Just as the string got tangled in a tree a policeman showed up. I ignored him and proceeded to walk over to the tree where it was caught as the kite is whipping circles way up over the water. The cop roles down his window and asked me if I was actually flying that kite. Of course I said yes and explained that my string broke. His response was priceless, he shook his head and mumbled "Jesus Christ......" He then asked me if I was aware my kite was now flying in a no-fly zone (the airport) I told him it wasnt anymore because it had went down and into the water. He again shook his head and drove off. I laughed the entire 20 minutes it took me to reel this piece of rubbish kite in from the wavy waters. It was a good time, and I have photos. They are pretty self-explanitory.

Thank you for reading.