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    30th Anniversary Tin Collector's Set

    From Rebelscum:

    Hasbro went back to the only Kenner gold mine and has devised a modern version of the old two packs we saw at the end of the Return Of The Jedi line. While technically speaking, the original packs weren't Kenner, it's close enough. If all goes according to plans, there will be tin sets for each of the six films. Each pack will include one tin case with artwork from or inspired by the poster art of it's respective film and will come with four figures displayed in two packs. The sets, which are scheduled for a Fall release, will be split into two waves.
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    I'm going out on a limb and hoping for all repacks here. We'll never get them in Canada, and I don't want to have to track them down (and spend all that money) on repaints, or 1 new figure per pack. The presentation is nice though.

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    That's pretty cool looking. If they're repacks, I'll probably only go for the set with Vader though..

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    Quote Originally Posted by jjreason
    I'm going out on a limb and hoping for all repacks here. We'll never get them in Canada, and I don't want to have to track them down (and spend all that money) on repaints, or 1 new figure per pack. The presentation is nice though.
    Agreed. They look cool but I don't want to rebuy several figures just to get a few new ones.
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    I like 'em. I'm a sucker for the retro look and the vintage ones from ROTJ are just so ugly and just thrown together that you have to love 'em.

    I'd like to see the other offerings they have for these.
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    For those of you that don't read through the forums @ RS...

    SW SAGA TINS 087-06-0534 $24.99

    Don't bother running to Target today to check the #. These aren't even ON ORDER, just a DPCI in the system so far.
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    Wow. they're really hyper milking it now. Shove the same old same old in a cheap die pressed tin and charge double or treble. way to go. Star wars is a license to print money now. Amazing. Hasbro should get a nobel prize for suckering a generation or two or three out of millions of bucks. Quite an achievement really. No really it is. Takes dedication and an eye for the bigger picture to churn out so much crap for so long and still have people willing to lap it all up because it has a brand on the box. For sooooo many years. quite the achievement.

    And no, no I won't be buying it because I don't like it and as such make a decision not to buy based on merits before that trite old chestnut gets thrown at me. And it's a forum. opposing opinion is allowed that's why it's called a forum. open discussion on a theme or topic. Look it up.

    *thumbs teeth at the basher bashers.*

    And yes I got out of bed the wrong side this morning. And no I'll never shut up. And when did anyone ever celebrate a 30th anniversary? How weak. I find this news rather shallow and pedantic. Shallow and - pedantic.

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    While pretty cool looking, it just seems repacks of the VTSC from the pics.
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    I like the 2 pack card, but why not just release a new wave of the vintage figures on these tins? I don't think I will be buying these, but at the moment of truth I might cave.

    BTW who is the Daddypants? I'm think it's Emperor Jargo, but not sure. When I was reading your post I thought I was reading a thread on RS. If I hated a line that much I think I would move on. By no means am I a Hasbro hugger, but dude relax a bit.
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    Hey has to be Emperor Jargo, look at his signature. I am pretty sure it is him.

    I won't be buying these unless they have NEW figures.

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