I saw a few new figs at a local TRU today must say I was not terribly impressed. Mainly with new Vader and Luke. New tatoine floppy hat Luke is cool with soft goods cloak, but I had to pass. The face didn't look quite right and the case containing lightsabers and other stuff inside like the remote and things totally threw me off. the only removable part is Lukes/Anakins lightsaber all other items are molded in and painted including obi lightsaber hilt. Almost would have been worth the fig cost to get the acc. Vader while not a bad looking fig we have had a lot of really good vaders recently. His main failing is also with accessories, he comes with a bunch of junk which I think is supposed to be debris that he throws at Luke on Bespin, but I don't know. Han is a rehash nothing new to report there, but Hem Dazon is kind of cool and the holo figs now are red for some reason.