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    Question Anybody still finding EP1 figures at retail?

    I just throw this question out to satisfy my bored curiosity. Has anyone seen a decent amount of EP1 figures still out in retail stores? I haven't seen one figure since maybe early last fall when TRU had some stuff on clearance. Just curious to know if any are appearing now and again or if the only place to find them is online.
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    There is this bin at the very back of the action figure aisle-thingy at TRU. In there are E1 figures, Tatooine Mauls mostly. There on sale for $1.97 still, and word has it that the store still has E1 cases in back, collecting dust.

    $1.97 is almost tempting to buy an E1 figure, but alas, I don't have any E1 toys.
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    You don't have ANY Eposide I toys? I saw an Anakin Naboo Pilot at Wal-Mart the other day. I'm not sure where they might have dug it up from.
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    The TRU to the north is pretty cleaned out, but the one to the south has 16 pegs of Collection 2 (Watto, Nute, R2, Droideka), and the surrounding shelf space is filled with vinyl Qui-Gons and Obi-Wans. Not to mention the 19 Split-Apart Mauls they still have.

    I never saw anything past the Panaka wave, and that hardly stayed around.

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    I haven't seen a large collection of Ep. 1 figures since Christmas. The local KB had a fresh case. I went through it and picked up a destroyer droid. I returned the next day, in hopes of finding the figues on the pegs somewhere, but didn't.

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    I saw a single Ric Olie, lying under a few pegs full of the Shmi/Obi-Wan Wave at Wal-Mart. Poor Ric, nobody likes him.

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    I like him. Could use a few more of him for a diorama I'm working on.

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    I still run across a few figs from the soft goods waves.

    One TRU near by has a bin full of Tatooine and Soft Goods Mauls.

    I am still convinced that the Sio Bibble wave will show up at TRU for $1.97!!!

    I said the same thing about Swimming Jar-Jar, and eventually found him for $1.97!!!!
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    I saw one of the original Qui-Gon's at my K Mart not too long ago. It had a clearance sticker on it.........marked 4.99.
    Most stores couldn't get rid of those at $2....

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    Yeah you can still fing them here,there called pegwarmers
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