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    Vintage GI Joe figure

    I need help. My friend has this vintage GI Joe doll that is mint in box never opened and I cant find out anywhere what it might be worth. He wants me to sell it on ebay for him and he thinks its worth $250. I did my own research and found that loose vintage dolls are going for this price. Is there anyone out there who is a GI Joe collector and can help me out? I do not know the name of the figure or the year but I can find out. Your help will be greatly appreciated.

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    Do you have a picture? Description? I'm guessing it's a pre-RAH figure since you called it a "doll," but that's still a wide open field there.
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    Yeah, I'm gonna guess that you're talking about an old 12" Joe right? There are, sadly, very few decent 12" Joe Web sites out there.

    I'm seeing empty boxes for a '60s Joe going for $125 and a boxed sailor from 1964 listed for $600. It's gonna depend on which figure he has though, and what year it's from, etc.

    Let us know... I'm curious.


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