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    The Star Wars Best/Worst figure poll layout

    Welcome one and all to Star Wars Best/Worst figure poll. This poll will cover every action figure from 1995 - current day. I will update this post weekly with a new wave or group. After posting a years worth of figures an elimination round will occur to narrow down the worst and best of that year. By the end of the poll there will be one Worst fig, and one Best fig determined by your votes!

    Figure voting criteria
    Figures included will be carded, deluxe, exclusives, repaints, like: Imperial Scanning Trooper (Millennium Falcon Carry 1998) and Imperial Scanning Trooper (OTC 2004), retools, like: Han Solo (Commtech 1999), and Han Solo (SAGA 2006), and resculpts, like: Hammerhead (POTF 1996), Hammerhead (Cantina Bar Set - 2002), and Hammerhead (SAGA 2006). Figures that will not be included are rehashes, like: Red Shock Trooper (ROTS: 2005) and Red Shock Trooper (GREATEST HITS 2006). The way I see it is that a package does not make a new figure. Instead, a new figure is indeed a new figure in some sort of way.

    Here are some requests to make this poll easier.
    1. Make sure the figure you vote for is clearly stated so it is easier for me to poll. When THE DARTH VADER and I had done a poll like this in the past some folks would talk about a figure, but would not specify that they were voting for it.
    2. Multiple votes for one figure are not allowed.
    3. Changing your vote after you post is fine if you need to.
    4. Vote for figures that are listed on the thread! Donít jump forward! For instance if weíre voting on the POTJ collection (2000 - 2002) and someone chimes in to say that Agen Kolar (ROTS 2005) is the best fig of all time that will not be considered a part of the poll.
    5. If you missed voting on earlier waves, it is fine for you to list the figures you want to vote for. I will intergrate them into the poll results. This way if you were not here from the start of the poll you can still have a say on every figure if you want.

    So now lets begin The Star Wars Best/Worst figure poll.
    After 11 months The BEST/WORST figure poll is still going strong.

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