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    Hem Dazon (Escape From Mos Eisley)

    Hem Dazon is the only never-before-made figure from the Escape From Mos Eisley wave (as it is called on this wave's cardbacks). Based on a head that appeared for three seconds in ANH, how does this figure stack up?

    First, let's start with the good.

    The body is based on a Hasbro worker's imagination, as far as I know; as such, it's pretty hard to mess up something that's never been seen before. Hem is articulated at the head (ball-joint), shoulders (ball-joint), elbows (two points on each arm, one could be classified as "wrists"), waist, legs, and ankles. Unlike some other figures, the shoulder articulation is hidden quite well and looks very nice. His body is quite skinny and his legs are posed in an "alien" position; since this was an all-new creation, and not based on a costume from the movie, it's nice to see Hasbro take some liberties with it and make it slightly less "human." Still, this is a body I NEVER pictured that head to be on (I was thinking less humanoid), so it's a little odd in that way.

    Hem comes with a few accessories - TSC base and holo, bandolier, blaster, cup, and table. The base, thankfully, reads "Hem Dazon" and not "Dem Hazon" as some places had reported. The holo (Darth Vader in my case) is red, as they will be from now on; though they're not like the holos from the films, they look pretty cool and are a nice mix-up from the blue ones. The bandolier's not really an accessory, but it can be taken off of the figure. The blaster looks like a more in-scale version of Ponda Baba's, and fits in his hand or holster fairly well. The cup is pastel blue with some white "foam" at the top. The table is fairly small; I think it's kind of like the one Luke knocked over when he fell down, maybe slightly smaller. It's nice to get some pieces with which to decorate the cantina.

    And now to the bad.

    Hem's head is, well, pretty much all wrong. This is especially frustrating since it's the ONLY part of him we EVER see, so you'd think they'd take a little extra time to get it right. From the front, he looks pretty good. From the side and back, he looks like utter crap. He has a very pronounced chin, while in the film he had none at all. His head goes back quite a bit to accomadate the ball joint head . . . think "E.T.'s head with Hem Dazon's face, plus a big ol' chin." If you actually watch Hem's appearance (which I did to check the accuracy of the figure), you'll see that his head is pretty much flat in the back and doesn't go way back as the figure does. I suppose if you look at it from certain angles, it looks decent; but I would've preferred they ditched the ball-joint altogether and didn't have a chin or idiotic lump on the back of his head.

    All things considered, Hem gets a C+. The body is nice . . . too bad it was never in the actual movie. It's also too bad that the head sucks.
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    I was going to ask about the stand, but you answered that. I wonder if there will be variations of it.
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    I actually like Hem. The only problem I really have with this fig is that it cannot stand at all unless you use the base that comes with the fig. I hate the fact that Hasbro does not sculpt figures that can stand on their own.
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    My biggest problem with this figure, is that I haven't seen it in a store yet.

    Thanks for the "pretty much all wrong" heads up Mr. JabbaJohnL.

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    Quote Originally Posted by plasticfetish
    My biggest problem with this figure, is that I haven't seen it in a store yet.
    Ditto on that...
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    the head in the movie was face on anyway, It looks like a Ron Cobb design much like Momaw Nadon. I don't have ant reference to hand but it's possible the original design did have a fuller head. perhaps not as bulky as this figures but enough that an actor could wear a full head mask. In fact the puppet head used in the movie was made with a split up the back as though someone was supposed to wear it. though it looks too small to go over a head. in depth front to back I mean.
    and I've always thought of Hem being smaller and long necked to be honest. when you see him for the second time in the cantina sequence he seems short next to the other aliens round the table. which was probably to hide the fact a technician was sat behind the table with his hand inside the head.

    Actually, think kaminoan with long neck and long limbs and then fatten it up a bit and shove Hem's head on top and that's how I imagined a full body figure would look but less upright, more stooped over. hence the head bobbing. a bit birdlike in movement. though with those feet on the figure a birdlike general grievous stalk would fit the physiology of him.

    ugh, waffling as usual. I like him. don't own him but plan to.

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    I've always thought of him as a many tentacled alien. He'd walk on some of them and use others for arms. And yes, his head would also sit upon a long neck stalk.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jedi master sal
    Ditto on that...
    I still haven't seen anything from this wave... it's frigging killing me.

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    i too never imagined that hem's body would be like bossk's. the toes are longer but everything else including the outfit is rather similar. the funny thing is that just like with the otc bossk, if you remove the gun from hem's right hand, the 2nd digit is making a very rude gesture

    maybe i'll pick up another one to make a more movie accurate head on a stick version?
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    He looks like a cross between the Grinch and E.T. -- but besides that, he can tell you to F--- off if you pose his right arm just right.
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