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    Republic Commando 3 speculation and reviews thead

    Well, someone had to post it......

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    I speculate that there will be such a book. If you view it twice on the book shelves, you will have re-viewed it.

    Seriously, I wonder if Lucasbooks would let them advance into the future and make them stormtroopers rather than clonetroopers (post-Order 66 era). It might be cool to have them interact with younger SW characters (Han, Boba, Tarkin, et al).
    "May the 4th be with you?" "Why yes, thank you for asking."

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    That may happen eventually. But, that is likely not going to be until book 5 or 6.

    I wager 3 will be set immediately before Orger 66. And, of course, the McGuffin baby will be born.


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