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    Wave 7 Pictures Revealed today.(merged)

    So we now have pictures of the Naboo and Endor II waves. I have got to think these are early sculpts and the paint scheme is denifitely not finalized.

    1. The pod racers are Dud Bolt and Mars Guo. At this early stage Dud Bolt
    seems unrecognizable to me. Guo is taller that I pictured. Both are
    in my Top Ten most wanted Phantom Menace figures so I'm happy.
    2. Naboo Flight Crew. I hope he gets a coat in the final version. I'll buy it.
    3. Gragga. Looks kind of small. I'll buy it.
    4. Darth Maul hologram. I'll pass. He was only a hologram in the one scene
    and I thought that figure captured it well.
    5. Gungan Rep Been - I'm delighted.

    6. Endor Rebel Soldier - I am pleased with the variant ethnicity, but it looks a
    bit like Lando. I wish the head sculpt was less Landoish, maybe if he didn't
    have a mustache.
    7. Endor Luke. Cloth pancho, which I hate, but a lot of people love.
    Removable helmet. Jointed knees. I'll buy it. I'm interested to see what
    he looks like without the pancho. Maybe ROTJ Luke will finally get his
    Death Star duel Luke he's after
    8. Endor Vader. I guess I'll buy it. It is a retread of the Emperor's Wrath
    Vader, but I am intriqued by the skull accessory.

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    I like the Endor Rebel Trooper too. Actually, i like most of them except for the Maul Holo figure, that i will leave on the pegs. Im undecided on Endor Luke, but i think his cloth pancho will be what keeps me from picking him up, looks a little silly on him. But right now the rest look like winners to me.
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    Oh this was a nice surprise for me today! Thanks SirSteve!

    I'm actually thrilled they made a soft-goods Luke Endor. I can cross him off our Top 50 most-wanted list. It's not perfect, but I like it. I don't think he wore a gun and holster by that point - it's a tribute to the Kenner figure that came with one I think.

    The podracers? The might be Mars Guo, but I thought it - nah, I guess it is. However, THAT's Dud Bolt? Nah. What's on his head? Was it a prototype being photo'd before it was finished? I'm confused. I really want Dud Bolt, but hmmm. Whoever this is, they could stand improvement.

    Gragga might be larger. The clothing seems authentic, but I would have bought 5-17 of them if I could have substuted up to 12 as SwokesSwokes senators in the 3 respective senate scenes (containing 4 each).

    Vader with the skull (to presumably create the Emperor's Wrath Vader I'd guess) is interesting. He's not on my to-buy list though.

    Rep Been is nice. It's plain, but I need like 10 of them or so for various Gungan Scenes.

    The Naboo Pilot dude? Cool. I'll get several. Yeah, a coat for him would be cool.

    The black dude as an Endor Rebel Soldier? It's about time! Very nice. I agree that if you dropped the mustache he'd look a lot less like Lando! There's only one Calrissian! Also the black dude you can see clearly in ROTJ on Endor did NOT have a mustache. Maybe this is a proto and they're just borrowing a Lando head? I'd need to look at my Lando figures again to determine which one it is (general, skiff guard 2, etc)

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    Vader has wires hanging from his severed arm, too. That may warrant my getting him again. Not sure what's up with the skull, though. Maybe a scene cut from ROTS where he battles Predator?
    That's my jacket!

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    I never got Emperor's Wrath Vader so this one i'm definitely gonna get. I hope he isn't impossible to find.

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    What about the Obi-Wan? Looks like a repack to me

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    I like this wave. although the Naboo soldier is a tad too bright. and I do like the idea of including the fried Skull with Vader; awesome!!! and i'm finally glad to get my Maul Hologram as I never wasted my $$ on that light up Hologram a few years back.
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    This made my day. I'm impressed with all of the offerings. The Ep 1 figures look great. I like Gragga and appreciate the accessory. Rep Been is exactly what I would have expected for this figure, and the Naboo soldier is the best of the bunch. It's generic enough for army building, and it's a figure that I've wanted.

    The ROTJ figures are also nice. Luke with soft goods looks nice. I would have though this would be a good candidate for a VTSC fgure so at the basic pricepoint I'm happy. The Endor soldier adds some good diversity to our endor troops army and even the Vader looks nice with the accessories and the cool handless stub.

    I'm happy with what I see!
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    I'm thinking the displayed skull is just for that- display, just like having some robotic arm thing that has the same details as Vader's "revealed" wrist. It looks like they're showing what is inside the translucent plastic probably to show it's slightly different from POTJ Wrath Vader. Just my theory.

    The podracers- look interesting

    Naboo guy- I'm disappointed, I was hoping for an SA Naboo Security Officer or Royal Guard but I'm happy the figure is at least SA and has a removeable helmet. I'll probably get a handful despite the fact I never really saw anyone on Naboo with that costume.

    Endor Soldier- Definitely looks like a modified Lando head so hopefully that will change, they're all obviously prototypes but in various stages. I'm glad they gave him SA legs instead of sticking with the extreme posing of the Saga one. I just hope they bring the legs in center more, with the way they're spread it will be useless articulation. Hopefully they also release some head variants like last time.

    Graga- couldn't really have cared less about this character, but I'll obviously pick it up. Wish they had had a rack included to hang the dead animals from. Maybe with 2 other dead animals hanging on it or something. Do you think Graga will come with a hero or villain holo?

    Holo Maul- Okey dokey.

    Endor Luke- FANFREAKINGTASTIC. As long as it's not Jabba's Palace Luke under there, it looks like the same legs but they could've removed the skirt and reused them. The poncho looks REALLY good!

    Wrath Vader- Cool.

    Rep Been- Boss Nass won't be lonely...

    Obi-Wan- Interesting tease so far, it looks like the May 3rd Obi-Wan's body but it has the head with the "real" braid from the soft goods Obi-Wan. Hopefully the body is SA.

    Interesting thing to note is that all the lightsabers don't have spark effects. Granted the TPM era sabers wouldn't and maybe not Wrath Vader, but Jedi Luke would surely have one... Maybe they're phasing them out?
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    Definitely all great offerings. I'm glad to see Hasbro revisiting TPM figures again. It's been some time, IIRC.

    I haven't seen one bad figure in this entire TSC wave so this is shaping up to be quite possibly my favorite line of modern lines.
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