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    From Sideshow- 12" Exclusive Luke Skywalker Wait List CLOSED :-(

    It's official- if you missed the Exclusive Sideshow Jedi Luke with the Skiff Blaster, you won't be getting one from Sideshow. Got this in my e-mail today:

    "Dear Collector,

    We wanted to take this opportunity to e-mail you about your wait list reservation for one or all of the Jedi Luke Sideshow Exclusive. (Item # 21041).

    We have not had any items return back into stock from card declines or returns nor have we found any loose items within our warehouse. Therefore, we will be closing this wait list and canceling all collector reservations that have been submitted for this item. You will notice that your reservation, which begins with a W within your order history area of your online account, will be canceled within the next few days. You will also receive an e-mail confirming the cancellation.

    We apologize that we could not fulfill your wait list request and hope that you find a similar item for your collection. We encourage everyone to become a member of our e-newsletter so that you can be the first to receive information about products such as the Jedi Luke Sideshow Exclusive. If you are not a member you can register through the link below:

    We appreciate your patronage and we hope that we can help you to acquire your next collectible!"

    Bummer. Ah well

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    I have not received such an email yet. But I anticipate I will get one soon.

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    Well, good luck there- hope it works out for you

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    I just wanted the regular 12" Luke and got him in the mail today. I'm still deciding if I should open him or not. The exclusive is nice -but I can go without.
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    MUST OPEN! The packaging is made to be opened and taken out and put back without looking like it's been affected, you can have a mint-looking boxed figure and still have checked it out. Plus, a few folks have reported that the elbow articulation on some Lukes is locked up, better to know now than later.
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    I agree, these are meant to be displayed. I dont have a display cabinet for them yet, or room to display them so they are in their boxes for now. However I have taken them out a few times an taken pictures. Pretty cool stuff, i just wish the clothing looked a little more natural out of the box.


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