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    Why would someone think this is necessary?

    I had to post this...i found this picture on an AOL news page. The story is about the RCMP thwarting some terrorists. This is one of about half-a-dozen pictures that accompanied the story...

    The picture's caption read: "A police officer stands guard on Friday. Canadian police arrested 12 male adults and five youth, charging them with planning terrorist attacks".
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    I don't get it. Are you talking about the fact fact that the pictures looks like it's been faked?
    Wanted; loose or sealed
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    Yeah, he's been obviously photoshopped into that picture.
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    Strange, what's that all about?
    Wanted; loose or sealed
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    Dangerous and disturbing, this puzzle is.

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    It's odd - our ERT members have worn black uniforms under their kit for at least 5 years. I don't think the guy in grey is even a Mountie.

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    He looks like some kind of model for Soldier of Fortune magazine... Sure as hell ain't you, JJ, as I know you aren't 12 feet tall like that dude apparently is
    And yeah, that is some CRAPPY P-shopping- the shadow is all wrong for one, and he is WAY too crisp-lookin....

    I don't know what the pic means and I am about an hour away from where it was suppoeedly taken, weird
    Something about him reminds me of my older brother, Rex.

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    After some reading I see that 17 suspected terrorists were arrested in and around Toronto. They were apparently found to be in possession of more of the stuff that McVeigh used to bomb Oklahoma than was used in that attack (if that makes sense). They had 3 tons of the stuff, according to

    The Ontario Provincial Police TRU Teams were involved in the execution of the search warrants, which would explain the grey jammies (I'm assuming they still wear grey jumpers under their kit, as per the pic).

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    I saw that picture as well, it looks like a picture you'd see in The Onion.


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