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    666 the Number of the Beast!

    Is anybody listening to Iron Maiden or any other music with occultist overtones in celebration of the day of the devil, mockingly or otherwise? I think I'm going to bust out my copy of "Live After Death" and give "The Number of the Beast" a spin for old times sake. Of course, I think it's all nonsense, but it is a darn good song!

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    The radio station here in Chicago has a different song thing everynight of the week at 10 p.m. like last night was an hour of Pink Floyd, and tonight was songs about Satan, they started with the Stones "Sympathy for the Devil". I got home just after it started, so I'm not sure what they played after that.
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    I don't listen to the radio a lot, but I too heard Sympathy for the Devil.
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    ! I went through a "Maiden flashback" a few months ago... I re-bought all those old albums I had on CD and rocked out for like a month straight! I got all of them up to Powerslave (cause that's when I stopped listening to them in the 80's). Too funny, it was all brought on by a picture of the band someone put up in our office. It sparked the beast in me! !

    My "satanic" music doesn't end there though, now I'm having my Slayer flashback. Hell Awaits and Reign in Blood are in heavy rotation in my car right now (although I guess the better term would be "slaytanic" as they used to put it).

    Oh yeah, the satanic thing is all nonsense. None of these bands really believe in that stuff. It's all flash and shock value, but it's fun in a twisted way

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    Black Sabbath did, in their early days. Especially Ward. He was heavily into witchcraft, from what I hear.
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    Heh, you're right. So was Jimmy Page apparently. Didn't he buy Crowley's castle or something like that?

    I'm convinced that a lot of these stories are over-hyped to get attention, so I tend to take it all with a grain of salt.


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