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    Sandtrooper (Escape from Mos Eisley)

    Articulation: This is the exact same body as used from the VOTC Stormtrooper, belt and all. Ball joint head, shoulders, elbows, knees and feet. Upper torso has articulation but no waist articulation...looks like the whole torso is one piece with a belt and holster around the middle. The black pauldron around the neck and shoulders is loose enough that it does not hinder movement from the head or arms which is a plus.

    Paint App: Overall, not too bad. Unlike the Evolutions version of the sandtrooper (looks like he fell in a mudhole) the "sand" is subtly applied to the chest, torso, forearms, hands, legs and top of the head. Unfortunately they forgot to put it on the feet so they look a bit out of place.

    Accessories: The holster - holds the blaster pretty good, especially if you put the hand near it to hold it down. The Pauldron (removable if you take the head off) is like the evolutions one except it's all black so not much to tell there, except that it fits well and is not overbearing to the figure as a whole. The blaster is the standard Imperial issue blaster that hasbro has been using for quite some time works fine for me. The Backpack is the same one used from the Evolutions trooper with slightly different paint apps. There's a nice copper glow to the entire thing which makes it look metal but definitely used in the sandy outdoors. The staff is all new and looks great in hand (but it's darn hard to get in the there). It's grey and dusted with metallic silvery paint, not bad for an accessory, with a brown leather wrap area where it's supposed to be held. The last accessory is the binocular that sits at the back of the belt. THis little guy is removable, no paint job and the bad thing about it is that you can not have it on the belt at the same time the backpack is on, so you can either have it in his hand or somewhere off of him where it might get lost.

    Overall: A+ There's really no way to make a better figure unless it was a real 3.75" human being with sandtrooper armor and it almost looks like it could be. This is definitely going to be a hard one to find as everyone will be wanting to have these as army builders, so if you see one, don't pass on it!
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    Right on! I've had the Evolutions Sandtrooper on my desk for ages now, but I just put him away because I know I'm gonna like this one better. Wish there was room for them all on the desk, but space is limited, and this one sounds great.

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    I hope I can manage to find a few of these. The sandtrooper sounds like an excellent figure. Thanks for the review!
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    Does anyone know if this one will fit on the dewback?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dark Marble
    Does anyone know if this one will fit on the dewback?
    Unfortunately as articulated and fantastic as this figure is, he has no thigh joints so he can't sit on the dewback. If you move his knee joints to try to get him on, it looks like he has to go to the little dewbacks room. But the knee joints aren't enough, needs to be ball joints on the thighs...ah well, at least the one that came with the dewback isn't all that bad.
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    Great review.

    This is definitely the best sandtrooper yet. If Hasbro kept shipping it, I would keep buying it just to build my ST army.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mtriv73
    Great review.

    This is definitely the best sandtrooper yet. If Hasbro kept shipping it, I would keep buying it just to build my ST army.
    I agree. I just wish they had variations on the pauldron. That would have made a real UGH figure

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    I now have 3 of these. I only want about two more, max--so why the heck I passed on two last week is beyond me. The only thing I don' t like about this figure is the hips don't allow for more movement. It would be nice to be able to pose these or the VOTC stormtrooper in a crouching position as if they're shooting and ducking at the same time. But it is a great figure.

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    I really love this figure - it's the VOTC stormtrooper, with more accessories, and for a few bucks less.

    Where was the staff in the film? I don't remember it.
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    I think that staff is carried by the Dewback sandtrooper. A slightly more accurate seeming accessory than the plain black pole we got with the Dewback.

    Great figure, it looks fantastic next to the Evolutions orange pauldron trooper. I think I'll buy a few more of these for different sandtrooper scenes and to have some dirty tatooine regular stormtroopers too.


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