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    Best/Worst 12" Figure poll

    After seeing the success of Jaff's thread on the regular figures, I decided to start up this poll on the original 12" figures. This poll will include the following: Single-boxed figures, Exclusives (beasts, multi-packs, & vehicle packs). I will not be including any re-hashes of figures released in multi-packs that were later re-released as single figures (or vice-versa, as in the case of the Hoth 4-pack & the Japanese exclusives). Minor variants within the same wave (i.e, Luke's hair, Obi-Wan's belt buckle & the dark blue/light blue inserts) will not be included (with the exception of the Tusken Raider). However, if a figure was re-released in a separate wave with minor changes, I will include them. (Chewbacca and Jedi Luke come to mind). Also, the Sideshow figures will not be included in this poll.

    Only vote for the figures within each wave. Each list should be smaller than with the 3 3/4" figures, so there should be little confusion. I will try to update every other day, although expect a delay this weekend.

    August, 1996

    The initial wave of 12" figures hits stores. A poor case-packing decision leads to a popular figure being short-packed, and becomes a boon to the growing scalper "industry" of the time.

    Luke Skywalker - A pretty decent likeness of a young Mark Hamill, complete with cloth outfit and removable accessories marked a huge upgrade form the vintage 12" figures.

    Han Solo - While the likeness wasn't that great, the outfit on this figure made for the best Han Solo figure up to that point, although the blaster was a bit small.

    Darth Vader - Although the height on this figure wasn't to scale just yet, this was an excellent likeness of the Dark Lord. Only complaint here was the lack of a removable saber hilt for poeseability.

    Ben Kenobi - A pretty good likeness of Alec Guiness, coupled with layered robes and a cool-looking lightsaber made this figure even more sought-after than it already was for being ridiculously short-packed.

    Best: Ben Kenobi, hands down.

    Worst: Han Solo (not a bad figure at all, as all were pretty good, but the likeness and the small blaster cost it points)

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    Best Darth Vader
    Worst Han Solo
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    Obi-Wan hands down. It really was a great figure for it's time. The clothes and facial sculpt were great!

    I liked Luke and Han a lot too (even though they all had that horrible, buff GI-Joe Hall of Fame body). The outfits were fairly well done, and I really liked Han's belt & holster.

    Which only leaves...
    Darth Vader. Like tagmac said, too short (same height as Luke ), but it doesn't end there.. his pea-sized head was so blarringly out of scale, and this was compounded by the HUGE oven-mitt gloves he had on his hands.

    Vader is my favorite SW character, and I remember being so dissapointed when I opened this guy. They didn't even come close to the mark on this one.

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    Best - Ben Kenobi for the wonderful likeness. I still think this 12" looks great.
    Worst - I really am not a fan of Han Solo, even though he is displayed. His face just looks terrible.
    After 11 months The BEST/WORST figure poll is still going strong.

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    Best: Ben
    Worst: I like them all, but there must be an answer so Han
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    Kenobi must be the Smith or Johnson of Tatooine

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    They all sucked...but Ben sucked the least and Han sucked the most.
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    Best: Ben Kenobi, by far.

    Worst: Vader, for all the reasons given, this figure sucked eggs.

    Dishonorable mention: Luke Skywalker, whose likeness I didn't care for, and his clothes were partly see-through, and his hair was YELLOW. I actually chose this as my "worst" until I remembered why I didn't buy that Vader back in the day, opting instead to wait for anything better and getting the electronic one.
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    I had hoped more people would come in and vote, but this is a good start. Here's the tally so far:

    Ben Kenobi - 6
    Darth Vader - 1

    Han Solo - 5
    Darth Vader - 2

    February/March, 1997

    The promise of the next wave is met with disappointment. Not so much in the quality of the figures, but in that the delayted Chewbacca figure is once again inexplicably left out, and we have to wait another month before the Tusken Raider would start shipping, so stores became flooded with Bespin Lukes and Landos, ensuring that the Raider and the next two waves would be that much harder to find due to stock issues.

    Bespin Luke Skywalker - A decent-looking figure, complete with removable jacket to give us Dagobah Luke. Gone was that stupid pink hair variant, replaced instead with a more accurate dark blonde color.

    Lando Calrissian - An excellent likeness of Billy Dee Williams, coupled with an excellent costume, the only real problem with this figure was the amount in stores due to only it and Luke being released initially.

    Tusken Raider - A month later, we finally get this figure, only with a ridiculous variant to poorly make up for the lack of Chewbacca. Even worse, the accurate Gaffi Stick version was actually the rarer version than the inaccurate stormtrooper blaster/binoculars version.

    Best: Tusken Raider w/ Gaffi Stick
    Worst: all were great, but Luke ranks the third best.

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    Best ----Obi

    Worst---- Vader

    Best -----Tuskin

    Worst ----Lando.
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    I never got the Tusken sadly, so my best vote is for Bespin Luke. Unfortunately for that figure, they packaged his collar down like a normal collar when actually it stands up, luckily it does stand up once you take it out of the package.

    Worst: Lando, it's an ok figure but between the color being too dark and the 1980 soft headsculpt they finally got to use 16 years later, it's the weakest of the trio.
    Darth Vader is becoming the Mickey Mouse of Star Wars.

    Kylo Ren - came from Space Brooklyn, although he moved to Space Williamsburg before it was trendy.

    The use of a lightsaber does not make one a Jedi, it is the ability to not use it.


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