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    This is interesting news. I guess with the starfighter and all it's obvious that Mace likes Purple

    More clones are always welcome in my collection. The purple deco is interesting. I have a feeling this one will look nice packaged, then again we've got some nice dispaying battle packs so far so it wouldn't surprise me for the trend to continue.

    I like the soft goods on Mace. I'm a kid that bought ROTJ figures so when soft goods came out away from the vinal capes it was a good thing. So anytime I see them used well in the modern line I like it.
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    i'm excited about the airborne assualt trooper with removable helmet. might have to score two of these sets so that i can customize one for commander fox. but knowing my luck hasbro will release him in 2007.
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    this set is freaking awsome. I like it alot, and seeing as how i dont open, i may need to buy to so i can open one, i like the purple clones.....alot anyhow, i work at target so as soon as i know a release dat eill post it up, but im suree itll be about anothe two months before our system hast the set date up.

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    Now that they have the mold for the helmet of that clone commander, they need to give us the Utapau medic clone, to give us the movie-accurate version of that figure.

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    They're typical clones. *shrugs*

    I'm never happy with the fact that we get every stupid clone variation (and even these purple "flamboyant clones") yet we don't get more ewoks.

    I hate the ewoks but they are definitely the lesser of two evils when it comes to lame *** clones.
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    Ummm...purple? Oh well...we knew it was Mace's squadron so we should have known they would be purple. Now I am going to need ten of these to add a tier to the formation stand...I wonder if I will be getting 19 to make a Tier for the airborn guy. I almost hope he is not SA.
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    This looks okay, but it's going to be wait and see for me.
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    I like the Airborne sculpt but non movie clones don't thrill me. Mace Windu is slowly turning into the Purple Pie Man.
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    This looks pretty cool, though I wish they would have kit-bashed us a new and improved Mace. I'm surprised that the airborne trooper design is being introduced here and not as the Utapau clone, but I'm sure that it will follow. It looks like they jazzed up the SA clones with some purple shoulder pads(Bacara's?), makes the whole crew look a bit more rugged, offsetting that intimidating purple a bit! Looking forward to this set for sure.


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