I wrote in a few weeks ago looking for information on repairing my broken Imperial troop transporter. This is the classic Kenner vehicle that made six sound effects from the movie. BigBarada directed me to www.sandcrawlerworkshop.com . It's run by a guy by the name of Rob Johnson. Long story short - My transporter works again. I sent it to Rob mainly to get the 'voice box' working again, but decided on cleaning, new decals, & replacement cannon. Just got it back today, and it looks great. Rob was very good about sending updates to let me know how it was coming . . . but let's get to what's important - the cost. Very reasonable. I feel very satisified with the price. I got the transport cleaned, new decals applied, a few parts replaced, and the voice box repaired for about 20 bucks. Hearing the Stormtrooper say "There's one, set for stun" after 18 years: priceless.

I don't mean to sound like I'm just here to hawk his services, but if you're a vintage collector with a piece that could stand repairs, Rob's your man.