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    Am I Seeing Things?!?!?

    OK, so I have been away from collecting for a while. Life has been keeping me busy, and aside from picking up the occasional new figure at Target, etc. I have been unable to keep track of older figures, and the forums. I was recently checking out eBay, and ran across some auctions that blew my mind. Here is the kicker:

    Is this figure really that rare!?!?! I noticed alot of the OTC, namely the Post-OTC were going for much higher than I remembered. Was this an isolated event, or has there been a serious increase in demand for this series. If demand is that serious, I think I need to pick up the one, or two I missed before they become too pricey.

    I thought I used to be on top of my game. . . sheesh! A few months away, and the prices go through the roof!!!
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    Seeing as it's the POTC Luke I can believe it but I thought the Sandtrooper was the rare one.

    It sucks that the OTC figures are going up in price since I still need some of them. I did, however, manage to snag a MOC OTC Chewie for $8 total so that's one step closer to finishing it up.
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    I thought the Sandtrooper was the big one, also. I still need the Vader, and maybe the Stormtrooper. . . I'd have to double check. I was really thrown for a loop when I saw that auction, though. Were there two versions (handstand, and normal) on the Dagobah Luke, like the regular OTC version? My memory is shot. I know I only have one. . . so I'm hoping that there wasn't .
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    As far as I know the POTC Luke Dagobah was only released standing up so you're in the clear on that one.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Slicker
    As far as I know the POTC Luke Dagobah was only released standing up so you're in the clear on that one.

    That was a close one.
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    that is just stupid money to pay for one figure that was only released in the last couple of years. don't care how much of a short run it was or whether it was an exclusive there is no way a tiny lump of plastic should be going for that amount of money. makes me feel sick to the stomach that someone has that amount of cash to waste on a cheap plastic toy.

    the whole value of these things has gone decidedly screwy, in fact on all toys. Sure at retail you have to factor in a bit more cash because plastics cost more these days, but man that much money is obscene.

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    These packaging variants are *so* limited. Yeah, he's on a POTC card rather than an OTC card, but so what? Why is that such a big deal? I guess if you're a carded completist this was rare, but $150 rare? No f***ing way!
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    Y'know, I didn't even notice until halfway through the thread that it was a POTC card, not OTC. What a minor variation for $147 over retail!
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    I could be wrong but I thought he was packaged both ways.
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    this figure was indeed released both standing up and upside down (i have the latter)
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