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    Sean the Hutt

    ok, seriously, where are the fx-7's?

    I have managed to scrounge up the others but this droid is as hard to find as any what is up Hasbro does it again. And what is up with Toys R us? All we have are pegs of Leia bespin escape. It is no wonder Wal Mart sells more toys than you. By the time you get them and put them out I have purchased them at Target for a discount! This same crap happened before episode 1 too the retailers bailed out on the last potf waves. I have liked the potj line for the most part. As well as the distribution to this point, but sadly it looks as though we the collector is screwed again I think I will go to midnight madness again and just watch and look at the figures I will wait to get on clearance somewhere else. TRU...well... U suck.

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    Like I've said many times before, the TRU in my area sucks at getting new POTJ figures in. I gave up going there and go to Target. They usually have tons of what I want at a cheaper price. I haven't even seen the FX-7 wave in my area yet and I hope I see it soon. For some reason here we get everything way after everyone else in the country. Is Hasbro trying to say that my part of the county is not as important. That's why I missed out on all the hard stuff in late 1998. We didn't see hardly any of it here. No Han w/TaunTaun Beast pack or Luke w/ Wampa.

    As I've also said before, Hasbro usually stops production of its other figures to put mass production emphasis on the new movie figures. It happened with the EP I figures as well. That is why the late 1998 stuff is hard to find because Hasbro was busy overproducing the EP I stuff. Man I hope I get the FX-7 wave and the Teebo wave or I'm going to be ticked off.
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    Where's that whole damned wave?! Seriously! In my neck of the woods it doesn't EXIST!!!
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    The shelves at my Target are clogged with the suckers. Of course,by the time I get back there they will be gone.

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    Ist it weird that you cant find it in your country while I'm able to find them here where figures are just plain pegwarmers
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    Northeast OHIO

    Well... I honestly have to say that I haven't seen this wave up here in northeast Ohio. JediDrew hasn't even posted running across these things either, so I highly doubt that our stores have gotten them. I purchased them for a relative inexpensive price off the net about a month ago. These are really nice looking figures. I haven't gotten the Eeth Koth (probably won't) or the Zutton (probably won't get that one either). I shouldn't say that... I MAY buy them if I see them on the pegs here. With that being about as likely as Hasbro NOT making stupid looking AOTC figures... I think that it will never happen! D'oh!
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    Thumbs down

    I havent seen the FX-7 wave,Zutton Wave,or Eeth wave here in Florida.We do have alot of Vaders ,Gungan Warriors(STILL!!),
    and Leias.

    I'm sure they will come out soon...hopefully..maybe...
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    I was fortunate enough to find the entire FX-7 wave at Wal-Mart all at one time. The funny thing is they had just one of each, so I was very lucky. Havent found Eeth Koth, but I ordered him off the net. Have found all the deluxe figures also.
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    fx-7's in Ohio

    I found the whole wave at Wal-Mart in Mentor OH.-when I was working. Other then that I haven't seen them since. Good Hunting...

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    Finally found one @ Sherman Oaks (CA) Target

    I finally found one @ Sherman Oaks Target last night. Good luck.


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