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    Endor AT AT pics

    SSG just posted pics of the AT-AT.
    I'm happy they left in the electronics. I wished they would have used the VTSC Biker Scout but its still better than some pack ins. The paint job is better then I expected but I'm still waffling on whether I like it.
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    Hopefully it will hit clearance like the first one.
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    I wish we would've gotten the Imperial Officer that handed Vader Luke's lightsaber instead of the Biker Scout.

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    The figures stink because most of us already have these, as new sculpts were just released just this year.

    I wonder what other sounds this thing is going to have? I am sure it isn't going to have the Veers voice. Maybe it will have some exploding sounds.
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    Woo hoo! Easy pass!!
    That's my jacket!

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    I'm sold. I love the paint on this ATAT and both figures they included with it.

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    I figured that's what they'd do with the paint but the box has me sold. I like the graphics and whatnot on it.
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    I'm with El Chuxter on this one. I don't need 20 Darths, 5 different X-Wings, multiple Gunships, 30 Lukes, and on and on and on.

    If I spray painted an AT-AT different would someone buy it from me?

    The box is cool, but I wish they would just offer us something different on movie vehicles now days.
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    I'm in. This things looks about as good as I expected from it, and I can't stop looking at that box, danf it's nice. The object inside looks pretty darn cool as well, I love the dirty AT-AT feet.

    The pack-ins are good. Looks like the Saga AT-AT driver, and OTC scout trooper. Both of which are decent figures, plus army builders at that.

    I'm really happy with Hasbro's decision to make this the Endor AT-AT. This vehicle was in the movie for like 5 seconds, the dirty paint deco wasn't shown anywhere but our imagination, yet still they made a toy. This is what made Star Wars great in the vintage days, and I'm glad that if they are going to release vehicles they are giving us sort of something new (like they're doing with Mace Windu's & Darth Vader's black Jedi starfighter).
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