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    Yes Tricks, finally someone else I don,t look crazy any more! Well maybe I do. The single most figure that i have always wanted would be the yellow R2 unit with see through dome from ESB. This would be so cool! Right behind you Troche!
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    Yes!! R4 and R5 and that clear-domed one! Just make them all!
    All they have to do is resculpt the head since the bodies are so similar. What could be easier than that?
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    Yes, I must say I am both excited and disappointed by this news. I'm glad to see an R4 unit, but I hope to still see an R5-D4 resculpt, as the POTF2 version is one of the worst Star Wars figures ever. Bring on astromechs in all their myriad forms, Hasbro! That clear-domed one would make me really happy.
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    YES, a new droid. They really do need to re-do the R5-D4 droid though. even so, I look forward to any droids that they come up with. I would probably buy them all as long as they were actually action figures and not just 2 molded pieces of plastic on 1 hinge.
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    I think its great that we're getting R4-M9 since I've wanted him for ages But also R5-d4 needs an update to improve over the last one!
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    I am glad to see such an outpouring of replies to this thread. I love the fact that we are getting one of the coolest Astromech droids ever. And I wholeheartedly look forward to the possibility of the clear domed droid as well! I still think that Hasbro needs to address the correction of that greivous error that is the missle firing R5-D4. And as I've said, it opens the door for more variations on the same body/head.
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    R5-D4 - Please, please, please!

    Dearest Hasbro folks,

    Having seen a rumor list of upcoming figures for this year, I am generally pleased with what's coming. Great army builders, one more vintage redo (Madine), and lots of nifty two-packs. However, there is one injustice in the modern line that still needs to be addressed. Please, forever erase the memory of the missile-firing abomination that was the POTF2 R5-D4, and give us a beautifully sculpted, decoed, three-legged replacement. A pop-up blown motivator would also be nice, if it doesn't goof up the appearance. Maybe it could even be a two-pack with one of the other sandcrawler droids. Grant me this wish, Mighty Hasbro, for my 24 years of collecting loyalty.
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    With all of us R5-D4 fans clamouring for a resculpt and the news that he's in ATOC --- it would appear that Hasbro REALLY missed the starship on this one. How awesome it would've been to have gotten this guy during midnight madness. As it is --- I'm am angry AND bitterly disappointed.

    Curse their corporate body, it wasn't fast enough.

    My heart is heavy with regret and the fun that might have been. I can't believe we're getting another PloGOON!!!! and no R5.

    Stupid. Stupid. Stupid.

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    I'm sure we'll see a new R5-D4 this year sometime (fingers crossed). Yes, a new one needs to be made.
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    All you have to do is make a new head for a little astro droid. can't be that hard to do can it? So why haven't you done it yet?

    I Emperor Jargo decree that you Hasbro shall have a figural representation of the R5-D4 in stores by summertime. Okay?

    *that should have it sorted guys, thank me later yeah?*


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