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    Talking Yeah. Where is he?

    I was so excited last summer when I heard he was coming in a future wave of POTJ. Then imagine my disappointment when he was replace by R4( still an excellent figure and I want to thank Hasbro for this beautiful suprise. I agree it would be a simple head sculpt for Hasbro and hence vere cost effective because they could use the regular astro body, but I don't want a blown motivator feature( too scared of how that would turn out). I would buy several for customizing. Hasbro hear our plea and give us an R5 in the AOTC assortment.

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    How about a petition for a new R5D4?

    I would buy several for customs and easy for Hasbro to make, just need a new head. Who's with me?

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    I'm in. Definitely in.

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    We definately need a new R5-D4, but before you start your petition...I read in the forums that there is a rumor of a new one coming.
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    Yeah, I think there is one coming. R4-M9 release was rumored to have taken the place of R5-D4.
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    I have also read rumors of the long last D4 fig maybe just maybe this one will not have A missle launcher inside of it! I'm droid crazy and cain't wait for this fig. please put one out! You don't understand the power of the droids I bought the Amidala cruiser for the R2 figure inside I love the R2-Q5 make them all! I have pics in the action figure archive of a black R4-M9 what a great fig this would be and all you have to do is paint it diffrent! Bring on the droids...
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    Hell yeah! gotta do the R5 droid dude. he's the catalyst for the whole of the saga. No R5, no quest, no story, no movies. Gotta do the R5 droid dude. Plus, while you're doing his head sculpt you might want to think about all the other R5 droids you could do. BTW, there's an R5 droid in AOTC that's mauve that you could do.

    Here's some really simple repaints I did with R3 and R4 droids. including the dark R4 that SithWorm mentioned which is actually prussian blue not black. But if an idiot like me can do a half decent paint job then I see no reason why you with all your resources can't do a better one and give the astro droid lovers what they want.

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    EMPEROR JARGO, you did R4-E1? Excellent! I read that was BoShek's droid! I was going to make a custom of him myself but I never found any R4-M9s.
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    yeah, I got the pic round the wrong way didn't I? D'OH! I got three so i could do these customs as they're the only ones I had pics for. Same for the R3 droids. The green that Hasbro spayed the stripes of R4-M9 with is really hard to cover up. Took about six coats of white to do it. Glad you like him though.

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    awesome job Jargo.The only figures I'v painted were Hoth Han and HOth Han from the taun Taun.They desperately needed blue parkas.I'm in for a new R5.Maybe later this year.any body wondered if he would part of the disney exclusive crap plan?
    Bye to all.thanks for some good times.


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