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    Exclamation Petition for new R5-D4

    This is very urgent. I think some kind of petition, vote, poll or consitutional amendment needs to be started to solve this problem. No more head splitting, missile shooting, straight lever/L lever or laser gun legs nonsense. Who's with me?
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    I actually heard that they will be releasing a new R5-D4.
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    I've been reading that for the last 6 months as well. I don't think a petition is necessary. I think Hasbro knew they blew it with mega-missile launching R5-D4.

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    Though I agree that perhaps a petition is not particularly necessary, I think Hasbro needs to know that R5-D4 is still on our minds. If for no other reason than to support the projected resculpt. I too had read rumors that R5 was already in the works, but was surprised that the intrepid droid was absent from the mix that included rumored characters like FX-7 and Eeth Koth, but lacked Bo Shek and Teebo. But then perhaps these three figures' prototypes or paint masters were not ready in time for Wizard World.
    An R5-D4 makes sense not just to correct a terrible error, but also because R5, like R2, is an easy template for other similar droids.

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    Wink Just Kidding!

    I meant my first post as a joke. Sometimes we can get a little worked up over a fig that should be made or remade. I just thought I would take it a ridiculous step forward.

    And where did I learn to spell constitutional?
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    Originally posted by evenflow
    I actually heard that they will be releasing a new R5-D4.
    I've heard about that as well! But if they go ahead with it will see the droid around EP2s release!
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    I assume that with the Episode II figures, the classic figures will slowdown, but not stop completely. There are still some figures that have been mentioned that we have not seen; R5-D4, BoShek, & Teebo. I don't see it being a problem.
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    We still want R5-D4!

    I wanted to take a moment to thank Hasbro for R4-M9, a droid I've wanted for ages! However, I am sad to discover that this droid comes to us at the expense of the long-awaited, corrected, resculpt/rerelease of R5-D4! I can't wait for R4-M9, don't get me wrong, I am just hopeful that Hasbro still intends to rerelease R5-D4 in a corrected version. The more droids the better I say, but please do not forget to correct one of the most glaring mistakes of the past.
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    I gotta back that up! SSG just reported that the R5-D4 was abandonded for this figure and while I am grateful for a new-domed-astromech, I really think we need to replace that POTF2 piece of laughable junk named "R5-D4".

    Oh, and anybody at Hasbro, please do an Astromech from the classic trilogy that has a clear dome with the detaily bits inside!
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    As much as ai think that R5-D4 needs a resculpt, i am not really upset with what we have just heard. I'd rather get something new that we have never gotten before. CLear top Droid would be cool too.
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