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    Perfect Dark 12 Inchers

    just picked up the joanna dark 12 inch figures from the perfect dark video game, made by blue box. there are two figures, one in a black leather-like suit and the other outfit is the dark blue getup with chrome armor she wore in the game. these are two awesome toys. blue box has updated their cy-girl body with, get this, larger, soft boobs and improved shoulder articulation and double jointed elbows and knees and actual feet and boots instead of the foot/boot in the earlier version. i have absoultely no complaints about these figs. and anyone who knows me, knows i love to complain about sub-par 12 inch toys.

    the chrome armor on joanna is a hard plastic that fits very well on her, unlike the crappy stormtrooper armor hasbro gives us.
    i would give almost anything if blue box had the star wars rights for 12 inch figs. they make an excellent product. hopefully if zam wessel and padme see release, their clothes will be able to fit on this cy-girl body, unlike the E1 amidala that came with the qui-gon 2 pack.

    they retail for about $29. very well worth the price. too bad these guys didn't make the 12 inch tomb raider figs.
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    The most likely reason they didn't make any Tomb Raider figures is that both games are made from two different companies. Perfect Dark is made by Rare, while Tomb Raider I believe is made by Eidos. In order to make these figures, Eidos would have to give the rights to the toy line to blue box just as Rare did.

    As for the Perfect Dark figures, they do look pretty nice.

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    lord malakite,

    tomb raider toys were made by playmate toys. they sucked.

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    Yeah, I do seem to recall figures from Playmates now that you mention it.

    The stuff I mentioned before are the companies responsible for making the actual video games. I was trying to state that they probably decided on the companies who got to make the toys.
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