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    Why does Ben have to tell Artoo to "hit the buzz droid center eye" ?

    Does Kenobi think R2-D2 is shorthand for Retar-D2 or something?

    I'd think Artoo is smarter than that, he should have known better. I would expect such ignorance from Threepio (afterall, he "forgot" that he turned off the DS comlink ) but not Artoo.

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    R2 wasn't doing so hot until Obbers told him to aim for the center eye.

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    That's what I'm saying, he should have been smart enough to figure it out himself.

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    But why would he be smarter? It's only his eye and I'm sure most droids could operate with out an eye (look at 3PO in ROTJ). I would assume that the buzz droids had some sorta shotty wiring that shorted 'em out and mayhaps R2 didn't know that little bit of info.
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    Yep. Hitting the eye of just about anything would be my first course of action in trying to kill something in a desperate situation. It reminds me of that episode of Angel where he has the higher powers reverse time so he can kill a demon properly without incurring the consequence that he becomes a mere human - why oh why did it take him so long to realise that he had to smash the jewel in the middle of the demon's bloody forehead??!!?? Why aren't these things obvious. You'd smash the thing just out of curiousity.

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    Slick, I just meant that if Obi-Wan knew how to handle a buzz droid, maybe their on board Astromechs would know, too.

    Then again Obi-Wan does say in AOTC that "if droids could think there'd be none of us left"...but you hate that movie, so you can't use it as reference.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Caesar
    Slick, I just meant that if Obi-Wan knew how to handle a buzz droid, maybe their on board Astromechs would know, too.
    I totally got what you were saying but I couldn't really think of how to put into words.

    What I WANTED to say was that maybe Obi-Wan has had more experiences than just the Coruscant battle with buzz droids so he knows there weakness. R2 may have encountered them for the first time during that battle so he didn't know how to properly handle them.
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    That's possible, I am now in agreeance with you.

    I'd say for sure that R4 didn't have experience with them before or else he might not have had his dome ripped off. If Obers had experience with them before, it must not have been with R4 in the side pocket.

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    Any time someone is in a fight, someone else yells where to hit the other person. He was just cheering him on.
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    obi wasn't even present when jar jar found out from anakin how to deal with droids in ep 1. if anything anakin should've been the one saying to hit the center eye.


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