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    Saws 1 and 2 yesterday, will try to get to Saw 3 tonight otherwise tomorrow morning for sure...gonna see Saw 4 tomorrow night.

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    A couple very positive film blips:

    "Flight of the Living Dead"- Pure B movie zombie schlock. Action, zombies, campiness and B-actors getting eaten. Worth a rental if you dig that thing. *** out of ****

    "The Wind that Shakes the Barley"- Beautifully shot film about war and crisis during Ireland's independence struggle from England. It lacked a few character development issues, but overall, very good film.- *** out of ****

    "The Hoax"- richard Gere is FANTASTIC here as Clifford Irving, the man who scammed the world into thinking he had communications with recluse Howard Hughes and gave him authorization to write his autobiography. Gere is really good here, playing a complete scoundrel and Alfred Molina is great here too. *** out of ****

    "Fido"- Great 1950's satirical film set in an alternate universe after THE ZOMBIE WARS where zombies are domesticated servants and employees. When the Robinson family buys a new servant, Fido, he forms a bond with the son and wife....and eventually eats people and causes hell. Pretty hysterical. *** out of ****


    "The Darjeeling Limited"- Wes Anderson's new film is more drama than comedy, but it's still a very solid outing. Adrien Brody, Owen Wilson and Jason Schwartzman play three brothers on a journey through India attempting to reforge the family bond that has been lost. Has all the elements of a Wes Anderson film and I loved it. ***1/2 out of ****

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    Watched Mr. Brooks tonight. I really enjoyed this movie. Kevin Costner easily delivers one of his better performances as of late. William Hurt does a great job as well. Demi Moore and Dane Cook provide some rather convincing performances too. This movie turned out to be a pretty good psychological thriller. Good story with multiple subplots that come together very nicely towards the end of the film; they way everything develops and plays out is very well done. There are also a few twists throughout, which is to be expected with this genre, but they are not ridiculous and keep everything in check. If you are in the mood for a not so typical serial killer psychological thriller then this one is worth a look, especially for those of you who are fans of films like American Psycho. Recommended!
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    Watched Seed of Chucky, Child's Play 2, Child's Play 3, and FINALLY got around to watching Superman Returns. I've had that movie since the Ultimate Collection came out and just never made myself sit down and watch it, I enjoyed it very much though, really good flick.
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    I watched Superman Returns as well today. Also watched 300 the other day again.
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    Saw IV yesterday and Spider-Man 3 today.
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    Yesterday I watched An Evening With Kevin Smith (all 3 1/2 hours).
    Tonight, after planning on doing so for weeks now, I finally got around to watching The Departed again. This is damn near a perfect movie.
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    Quote Originally Posted by General_Grievous View Post
    Saw IV
    I'm afraid to venture into the Saw IV thread for fear of spoilers. That said, what did you think of Saw IV? And anyone else who has seen it, what did you think? (no spoilers please). Thanks.
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    Yuke, you definitely need to stay out of the Saw 4 thread, we are dissecting it pretty good in there.

    I liked it, definitely worth a theatrical viewing. But I go to tons of movies in the theater, so this is a no brainer for me. No chance I was gonna miss Saw 4, it's a tradition !!!

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    Definitely check it out, UK. If you liked the first three, you'll like this one.
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