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    Quote Originally Posted by Caesar
    Danielle was cool, she's pretty hot nowadays and as for my stalkerishness, no worries all was kept in check. Her boyfriend was with her at her table all day but I know I could have taken him.
    You should have beat him down C. Yea, Danielle was looking pretty fine on the dvd now that you mention it.

    Quote Originally Posted by Cae
    Then I told her that as cool as Paul Rudd went on to become, I don't blame her for skipping Halloween 6 because they really went wacko with that one.
    She kinda explains that on 25Yrs. She mentions that she didn't like the way she was going to get killed and they weren't going to pay her hardly anything more than what she made in 5. Halloween 6 was really wacky. I want to see the "Halloween 6: Producers Cut". It is supposed to be a lot better than the Halloween 6 that was cut/edited/reshot and released. Have you seen the Producers Cut Caesar? On 25Yrs they talk about one day maybe releasing it officially b/c all you can get are crappy bootlegged copies.

    Quote Originally Posted by Cae
    I've not yet seen the 25 Years of Terror deal yet but I NEED to soon...Anchor Bay had it playing at their booth and it looked really cool.
    Yea you do.

    Well I watched The Quiet Earth last night. It was a pretty good film and the story was quite interesting. It wasn't quite what I was expecting and the ending sure makes you think.
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    Nope, I haven't seen the Producers Cut...but really, how much can it help? The whole Thorn thing is ridiculous, I hate it.

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    Watched Ultraviolet (theatrical cut) last night. Blecch. There were several moments when I was very tempted to just shut it off.
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    Watched Minority Report and The island this week.
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    Watched V for Vendetta recently. Missed it in the theater. I really liked it. It's so relevant!.... Any more comments on this movie belong in the Rancor Pit.

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    Just watched V For Vendetta on DVD also, but I did see it in the theater.
    Even better the 2nd time.
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    I just got back from seeing Talladega Nights and it was pretty funny.

    I also watched The Descent (UK version) last night.
    "That's the best deal you're gonna get. I won't tell you you can save yourself, because you can't."

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    Little Miss Sunshine
    Very entertaining.
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    Quote Originally Posted by UKWildcat View Post
    I just got back from seeing Talladega Nights and it was pretty funny.
    Ehh I thought while it had its moments on the whole it wasn't all that good. I'd rather watch Anchorman or Elf.

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    What JimJam said.

    Talladega CERTAINLY had its moments but it lacked an overall continuity of funniness for me. Anchorman is probably in my Top 10 of all time, well Top 5 comedies for sure and I was not even hoping for Talladega to come close to it and it's a good thing my expectations were low or I would have been REALLY disappointed.

    Still, it had its moments. My favorites:

    1) the coffin joke
    2) Molly Shannon kissing that old guy, passing out drunk, and making that comment about seeing her husband naked
    3) Amy Adams Everything about her in the movie, all of her scenes.

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