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    The frozen tundra of Scandinavia
    Seen Sleepwalkers for the first time. Back in May I watched Pink Floyd's The Wall for the first time too. Been watching Knight Rider 2nd season and Nip/Tuck 3rd season on DVD.
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    Just finished South Park season 8 on DVD. Gotta love that "Fun With Weapons" episode.
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    Just watched V for Vendetta, good movie
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    Yesterday I watched The Sentinel which was an alright movie. It wasn't too bad.

    I also watched about 5 more episodes of Deadwood. This means I only have like 3 or 4 more to go with the second season and I'm going to try and finish them today. I have enjoyed ths show immensely and thanks again to all who previously recommended it.
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    Hanging out with Stephen and Ricky
    currently watching the Spike Lee doc, "When the Levees Broke." It provokes a sense of anger, frustration, irritation, sadness and grief that is too difficult to describe at times.
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    last night was a double feature of Tango and Cash (love that movie, now there's an action figure line screaming to be made. I mean c'mon what fan wouldn't want a Teri Hatcher stripper figure ????)
    also on tap was the flick Armaggedon. (once again another action figure line screaming to be re-made since the failed attempt from Matchbox.)
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    I watched Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back last night and I'm finishing up Corpse Lumber Season III.

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    With all the movies I own that I love to rewatch, I find it hard to catch up on movies I haven't seen already...the last 4 movies I've watched are all repeats:

    40 Year Old Virgin (watching right now)
    Wedding Crashers
    Ace Ventura 1
    The Wedding Singer

    Plus, it's easier to get stuff around the house while watching these since they don't require my FULL attention, you know?

    UKDubs, I'm glad you are enjoying CorpseLumber.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Caesar View Post
    Ace Ventura 1
    -"Hungry fella? There ya go!"

    Wonder why you were to watch that one Cae?

    UKDubs, I'm glad you are enjoying CorpseLumber.
    Awww man, it is awesome!!! I just finished watching 3 episodes so that leaves 1 more for Season 2. I just checked HBO Ondemand and they still have the entire 3rd season up for viewing. Needless to say I am absolutely thrilled!

    I plan on finishing S2 today and possibly starting the 3rd. Right now I'm going to take a break and put on a movie. I still haven't decided what I'm going to watch although I'm thinking the original Dawn Of The Dead "Extended Cut" from the boxset. Then, at some point, I gotta tackle that European cut that I have yet to see.
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    I should have included Shallow Hal in my list of repeats up there, I watched it again yesterday and I love that movie.

    Thanks for being my Ace 1 muse, UKDubs.

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