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    Singing cowboy Buck Lawson wins the girl and foils villainous Bat Haynes' scheme to start a range war and frame him for the murder of a rival ranch owner in 1938's musical western The Terror of Tiny Town. The entire cast of the film is comprised of midgets (little people in today's parlance) riding around on... well, midget horses. Most of the sets and props are normal size, however, which offers a few laughs in addition to the decidedly politically incorrect midget humor.

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    watched new episodes of Paranormal State last night; pretty good stuff although I couldn't help but wonder if the group just left that woman's yard all dug up or if they found anything. Ryan is one of my myspace "friends" so I dropped him a comment and asked him what happened. I'll let you folks know if he makes any comments or posts about it as I know i'm not the only one who noticed this as one of my friends made the same observation.
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    I stopped watching Paranormal State a long time ago.
    The drama is way to forced (mainly during editing) and they look like amateurish wannabes when compared to more "scientific" shows like Ghost Hunters.
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    Watched City of Ember tonight. A decent flick. bill Murray is in it, so its worth watching.
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    A man (Peter Graves) and his teenage son and daughter are shielded by the cave they were exploring during a strange solar disturbance that causes nearly everyone else to die and be reduced to piles of dust in 1974’s made-for-TV movie Where Have All the People Gone? On the way home, the family meets other survivors, both friendly and not, and must escape packs of dogs that run wild in the deserted towns they pass through. This movie reminded me of 1984’s Night of the Comet - a better film with a similar premise - a passing comet reduces everyone who’s not sheltered to piles of dust, while others are mutated. Kathleen Quinlan (Twilight Zone: The Movie, Apollo 13, The Hills Have Eyes [2006]) plays Graves’ teenage daughter.

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    I've watched nothing recently. i was threatened with snakes on a plane but managed to escape.
    I crave new acting blood. I'm so sick of seeing the same faces in everything.

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    Just finished off a 2 week stint of all the WWF/E Royal Rumbles in anticipation of the 2009 one on Sunday.
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    Saw "My Bloody Valentine 3D" last night for the 2nd viewing.

    Love this flick. It isn't winning any oscars or academy awards, but if you love cool kills, lots of gore, and naked chicks running for their lives, go see it.

    Oh yeah, the 3D is way cool too.

    Friday the 13th in 3 weeks. Cannot wait.
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    Just caught up with Battlestar Galactica!

    Just watched the Professional (aka Leon) again!
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    Confronted with a potential epidemic caused by a virus thought to be extinct, a scientist and a doctor travel back in time to 1871 Chicago in order to acquire samples and talk to the doctor (Richard Basehart, Knight Rider narrator) who successfully treated the disease in the 1976 TV movie Time Travelers. Based on a story by Rod Serling, the two men race against time to find a cure before the Great Chicago Fire destroys the city, erasing all records of the cure. The impression I got was that this movie was like a feature-length pilot for a TV series that was never picked up.

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