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    [FONT=Courier New]I watched the last half of Funny Games last night on Cinemax. [/FONT]
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    [FONT=Courier New]Yikes. [/FONT]
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    [FONT=Courier New]Maybe I just didn't get it or something but I prefer my movies to end with the victims fighting back and triumphing over the baddies.[/FONT]
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    [FONT=Courier New]I'm really looking forward to Taken, Last House on the Left, and While She Was Out for that reason.[/FONT]
    [FONT=Courier New]"First of all, never bad mouth synergy..."[/FONT]

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    Today in class we watched The Best Years of Our Lives. I thought it had great potential for a while, but became kind of cliche toward the end (as per the production code, I assume). It still had quite a bit of good stuff in there, though.
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    I watched The Breakfast Club yesterday. Damn is that ever a good movie.
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    Watched LOST yesterday morning when I couldn't sleep, and still doing a Smallville marathon, up to season 2.
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    When an Egyptologist falls into a coma after a mysterious attack, his daughter (Amy Locane) seeks help from her boyfriend and her father’s colleague (Louis Gossett, Jr.) in the awful 1997 monster movie Bram Stoker’s Legend of the Mummy. Probably made in an attempt to cash in on the big-budget Universal mummy movie in production at the time (1999’s The Mummy), this film tells the tale of an Egyptian queen who had herself mummified with the intention of being returned to life. And so she does - possessing the daughter of the man who discovered her tomb. Also stars Richard Karn (Al from TV’s Home Improvement) as the boyfriend’s museum curator buddy.

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    I watched The Breakfast Club yesterday. Damn is that ever a good movie.
    Indeed, the brat pack's best work by far!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Slicker View Post
    I watched season 1 of "Flight of the Conchords". It's a rather funny show actually. I guess it's on HBO if you wanna catch it.
    Quote Originally Posted by UKWildcat View Post
    Brilliant show.
    FOTC is pretty hit and miss, but luckily, it's far more hit than miss. Season 1 was great and season 2 has been solid thus far. The first episode of season 2 was alright, but I LOVED the second episode.

    They're touring in the spring; i'm definitely trying for a ticket to the Detroit show on monday.
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    Pursued relentlessly by a gang of men, two likable trappers (Clint Walker & Roger Moore) who discovered gold are driven across unforgiving territory in the enjoyable 1961 western Gold of the Seven Saints. Using their wits to survive, the two men join forces with a gun-slinging doctor and take refuge with a former Mexican bandit-turned-rancher. The alliances they forge come with a price, though, as they learn even their new-found friends want a share of the gold too.

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    Another solid viewing of The King of Kong. I swear, this along with a few other movies I could watch once a week and never get sick of.
    You'll be sorry, Pee-Wee Herman!

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    I finally got around to watching Grindhouse....Planet Terror and the mock-trailers were awesome....Death Proof was horrible....

    Then I watched Sukiaki Danjuro Western, and I loved it.
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