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    Blindness what a depressing story yet hopeful. Makes you think if something like this could ever happen, how people or your government would act.

    Miracle at St. Anna Spike Lee WWII flick about the blacks in Italy. You'd think it would all be one sided, and show just how hard it was for black soldiers which it did, but it showed there were good and bad people of all races on both sides of the conflict.
    I really enjoyed it.
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    I watched Zack and Miri the other day and liked it. Also I think I found a war movie to rival Pearl Harbor in terms of crappyness.... The Great Raid. A complete waste of my time plain and simple.

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    We saw Une femme est une femme today, along with clips from other Godard films. Dude was nuts as hell. Overall I liked the movie, but you could tell from time to time he was trying a little too hard to be subversive. Sometimes it worked, other times, not so much.
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    Currently watching the LOTR marathon on TNT today. ROTK is now on. I haven't seen the movies in some time. They still hold up!
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    Currently watching "My Name is Bruce".

    I also picked up "Quarentine" on blu-ray.
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    Quote Originally Posted by sith_killer_99 View Post
    Currently watching "My Name is Bruce".

    I also picked up "Quarentine" on blu-ray.
    I watched both of those last week. Not bad films.
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    My family and I watched Ghost Town today. Nothing really too amazing but a pleasant way to spend some time.
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    Igor. not bad. not the best CGI movie I've seen. the style was quite good fun. the story was a bit flat though. lovely use of colour.

    Mission Impossible 3. thrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrp! absolute crud. brain meltingly awful.

    1 and a half episodes of Category 7. tv mini series. big bad twisters and religious zealots. fabulous pairing. truly dreadful and holds about as much tension as a rubber girder.

    Being Human: a comedy drama about a werewolf, a vampire and a ghost who share a house. more drama than comedy. made by BBC Wales, looks great, pithy dialogue, an amount of tension and high drama. quite good effects for a pretty low budget show. honest and fulfilling portrayals of character. very entertaining and an interesting spin on the monster genre. should do ok on BBC America. if it gets there, but it's just been recommisioned for a further 13 episodes so yeah. quiet and surprising success for the Beeb. I reccomend fanatic gothic vampire fans don't watch as they'll hate it. open minded folk should enjoy it immensely. clips and episodes on youtube now but also try to find and watch the pilot episode first. it's not essential but the difference in quality going from the pilot to the first series episode is interesting. especially cast changes.

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    I just finished watching Gran Torino. It was definitely a good movie and I'd watch it again.
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