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    I just rented "Fired Up"....I will have to buy this on Blu-Ray!
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    Watched Red Cliff, a Chinese film by John Woo that is set up at the fall of the Han Dynasty, in what will eventually lead to a split into the era of 3 Kingdoms. My wife picked this up at the UIowa libraries. This is just the first installment of at least three pictures which are filmed in a manner very similar to Peter Jackson's Lord of the Rings--filming all at one shot, and than editing the parts later. Does have English subtitles, so I could follow along. It's pretty engrossing, as you start of following the contreverisial Prime Minister of the Han Cao Cao as he marches to crush the Han's Emperor's uncles and a Southern leader as well who unite out of necessity.
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    Four college students car pooling through the desert run out of gas at an abandoned town and are hunted by an odiferous malevolent creature armed with an assortment of mechanical blades, knives, and choppers in the surprisingly good 2005 horror movie Reeker. Michael Ironside plays a retiree RV-ing with his wife.

    A New York City police detective (James Remar) helps his California girlfriend’s teenage nephew fight the heavily armed thugs that killed his mom and dad after they discovered their secret mountain marijuana farm in the watchable 1986 action film Quiet Cool.
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    I watched Eddie and The Crusiers last night and also finished watching Marley and Me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rocketboy View Post
    Enemy at the Gates, such a great WWII movie and highly underrated. Jude Law and Ed Harris are both outstanding as Russian and German snipers hunting each other during the battle of Stalingrad.
    I love seeing WWII movies from a point of view other than the United States.
    If you can find it, check out Cross of Iron. Sam Peckinpah's one and only WWII movie of his career. It's about Germans on the Russian Front in 1943. James Coburn (Flint!) is the main character.

    By today's standards, it would be considered a low-budget movie. But the battle scenes are good. It was filmed in Yugoslavia in the 70s.

    I watched quite a number of movies lately:

    * Friday the 13th (2009). Wasn't that impressed. Watched it more out of curiosity than anything else. I still like the original better.
    * Harold and Kumar Escape from Gitmo Bay. It was pretty funny. I thought it got a little funnier when Neil Patrick Harris showed up.
    * Robocop. Red Forman as the bad guy!!
    * Blue Thunder. Still a good flick after all these years.

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    I finally saw Ratatouille and liked it quite a lot. The sequence with all the rats cooking near the end was awesome! I also saw the name of our very own RooJay in the credits, so that was cool.
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    After reading Stephen King's "Low Men In Yellow Coats" I rented Hearts in Atlantis - such a disappointment. Most of the main parts of the story are there, yet it's still missing so very much of fit.
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    Valkyrie. Eh, not bad, not good, nice average. Considering it's couch jumper, big accomplishment. Considering director, major accomplishment.
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    Two more reviews:

    "Metallica: Some Kind of Monster"- Very solid documentary about the recording sessions for Metallica's album, "St. Anger." The record is with me problems, ranging from the departure of bassist Jason Newstead to James Hetfield's substance abuse. It's interesting to see the whole process of recording an album and how things work over time. The film does have some issues though as it really breezes over the Napster issue and it's hard not to think of Lars Ulrich and James Hetfield as whiny diva's at times. Still, if you're a music fan, you'll want to check out this documentary as it's engrossing, raw, and a really good flick. Rating- *** out of ****

    "Wal-Mart: The High Price of Low Price"- Interesting premise, but Greenwald's film is littered with problems. Only ONE of his "facts" had an actual citation and this makes me wonder just where he's pulling his data from. He could be making it up for all I know! His interviews are pretty uneven; for example, you have a single mother of two that can't make ends meet. If you couldn't afford one child, why did you have another? And there is a young man with no college degree that is upset cos he gets paid poorly. If you want a higher paying job, get a degree and find another job! The film is also so bias and presents no counterpoint at all. Also, he doesn't bother to interview the main reason why wal-mart exists: the consumer. Very poor film indeed. Rating- * out of ****

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    Rival black and Hispanic gang members and police officers find themselves trapped in an LA warehouse after a meteorite turns the local homeless people into carnivorous zombies in the awful 2006 horror movie Gangs of the Dead. This movie is similar in premise to Day of the Dead, where rival groups spiral downwards into violence while confined in a claustrophobic space.

    A former race car driver (David Carradine) on parole enters an underground, anything-goes cross-county car race in an attempt to get his career back on track in the fun 1976 action adventure movie Cannonball! Also stars David Carradine’s brother Robert Carradine and features movie directors Joe Dante, Roger Corman, and Martin Scorsese in bit parts.
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