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    "The Last Man on Earth"- The first adaptation of the 'I am Legend" novel is an interesting take on the source work, but it too has problems.

    Robert Morgan (Vincent Price) is one of the few remaining people on earth that has not been transformed into a vampire from a mysterious plague. He battles every day for his life against hordes of vampires while he dwells on his own life and an attempt to find a cure.

    The problems arise as the vampires, well, are more like zombies as they don't move fast or are remotely frightening. Also, the film's ending is really goofy as it doesn't make sense. Lastly, the plague is never talked about as being a human creation, thus losing any sense of commentary. Still, Price is a great actor and seeing as George Romero was influenced by this film, it's an interesting watch. Rating- **1/2 out of ****

    "Panic in Year Zero!"- Ray Milland stars in this pretty solid 1962 film about a family trying to survive after the west coast and many cities around the globe are devastated after nuclear attacks.

    Milland stars as Harry Baldwin, a father who attempts to protect and provide for his family after a series of nuclear attacks. Along the way, he has to turn from being a moralistic man to a murdering, stealing, vagabound to survive and take care of his family. Milland does a good job playing the part as it's interesting to see the switch that he goes through, along with this son (Frankie Avalon).

    My main gripe is that some of the other characters, mostly women, aren't developed enough and this is pretty much a criticism of the times as women weren't going to get treated as wel as other characters.

    Still, it's a very minimalist approach to the end of times and it's an interesting and exciting premise. Rating- *** out of ****

    "Waltz with Bashir"- Ari Folman's animated autobiography is a masterpiece as it explores his lost memories of his time as an Israeli soldier during the 1980's, including the horrific Sabra-Shatila massacre.

    I was really drawn in by the animation and style of the film. It's very unique and almost reminded me of cell shaded animation, but it's much better than what I can describe it as. The film unfolds as Folman visits various old friends/comrades as he tries to discover his part in the massacre and it's incredibly interesting to see what his role was in the massacre and how he reacts to it.

    I also must give a mention to the music from composer Max Richter is amazing and it only helped to draw me into the film.

    "Waltz" is a terrific and unsettling journey into one mans memories of war. I really, really recommend this one. Rating- **** out of ****

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ji'dai View Post
    A commando team is sent into a subterranean research center to contain the alien menace that has taken over the facility in the awful 2003 horror movie Deep Evil. Lorenzo Lamas plays one of the commandos.

    Three couples on a sea-faring vacation rescue the lone survivor (John Rhys-Davies) of a derelict craft and must contend with the entity that possesses him in the watchable 2007 New Zealand horror movie The Ferryman.

    Both of those sound interesting. I might have to track them down.

    A detective is hired by a beautiful lady to help track down a mysterious package in the Maltese Falcon. I've been in a Humphrey Bogart mood lately. Watched Treasure of the Sierra Madre last week. Watching Bogey's descent into paranoia and madness is interesting.

    Also watched The Devil's Brigade, a WWII drama about an American-Canadian special forces unit that fought in Italy. William Holden and Cliff Robertson stars.

    And I'm in the process of watching the classic WWII drama Destination Toyko with Cary Grant. Found that one at the grocery story yesterday and it was a must-buy.

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    I started watching Meet The Spartan's earlier tonight... man that was a dumb movie.

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    A mad scientist (Udo Kier) creates life in his laboratory while his libidinous wife diddles with the new servant (Joe Dallesandro) in the campy 1974 Italian horror movie Andy Warhol’s Flesh for Frankenstein.

    A woman thinks her two new charges are being possessed by the spirits of their previous governess and her lover in the 2006 horror movie In a Dark Place. The movie is based on the Henry James’ story The Turn of the Screw. The 1961 film adaptation with Deborah Kerr, The Innocents, is far superior.
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    District 9...loved it!
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    The spirit of a woman’s recently departed fiancee speaks to her on the video tape she shot of him the night before he died, which leads her to the man’s murderer in the forgettable 2007 horror film Ghost Image.
    Weird War Tales: Featuring the Creature Commandos #105 November 1981 (DC Comics)

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    I just watched the pre-aired 1st episode of the new season of "Dexter"!!!
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    My wife watched Confessions of a Shopaholic while I read Abyss. We than watched The Express. One definitely gives a morality of the marketing of the fashion industry. The other isn't really a story of football but of civil rights.
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    Today I finally saw The Dirty Dozen after trying a few weeks ago. It was fantastic!
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