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    I just watched Alien for the first time. It was pretty enjoyable. Some of the effects were a little dated, but overall I really liked the look of it all. Ron Cobb and John Mollo did some design work, which is probably why it reminded me so much of SW. Many plot elements were reused in the recent Clone Wars episode Brain Invaders, too.
    I had the chance to see the director's cut of Alien on the big screen last spring. Great flick.

    Sherlock Holmes and the Secret Weapon and Sherlock Holmes and the Woman in Green. Classic black-and-white flicks with Basil Rathbone and Nigel Green and Holmes and Watson.

    The Kingdom. I saw this in the theatre a couple of years ago, and picked up the DVD for real cheap the weekend before Christmas. I enjoyed it more this time.

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    "I love you, Man"- Segel and Rudd's chemistry make this flick really hilarious and fun to watch. It does a pretty good job depicting a bromance with all the silliness, friendship, and yes, nicknames. Great flick! Rating- *** out of ****

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    I saw The Hangover last night and it was actually pretty "meh." Zach Galifianakis was consistently funny, but he always is. For most of the rest of it, it seemed like they came up with ideas that could have been funny, but it was pretty poorly executed so what was funny in concept wasn't funny in execution. I think. At any rate, it's nothing special.
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    Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skulls. The more I see this flick, the better I like it. The interdimensional aspect is a little hokey, but still an enjoyable flick.

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    Saw "Monsters Vs. Aliens" last night. Not a bad movie. I think I have to watch it again as I was constantly getting interupted.

    I like "I Love You, Man" but I was a little disappointed. I was expecting it to be more funny than it was. I'm a huge fan of Segal and Rudd and thought they did a good job. Rudd's "Role Models" was one of the funniest movies I've seen.
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    Daybreakers - This had the potential to be an extremely cool Vampire movie. The high-tech environment in which the Vampires lived in was very cool. There was a lot of thought put into the world. Not so much in the story. It starts out strong. Ethan Hawke plays a hermatologist who is conducting research to find a blood substitute since real blood is rare and Vampires that don't get an occasional fix become these weird mutant vampires called Subsiders. The setup is really cool as you get to see a little bit of propaganda talking about humans. Bistros sell coffee with 20% human blood. Plasma screens with cameras on the top are used as a substitute for mirrors. Vampires don't sleep in coffins. Their entire aparment is a coffin. There are banners of Uncle Sam (who now has fangs) that say "We want you to hunt humans". Anyways...

    A military branch is tasked with finding humans that remain and take them to the farms where they are connected to laboratory equipment similar to Matrix. Just when things get interesting, the plotline jumps the shark. Big time. And by doing so, strong characters are poorly written in the following acts and are replaced by weak unsympathetic characters that are basically fodder for the camera. The final act is an underwhelming bloodletting. This movie starts strong, but loses steam. The Vampires don't interact in the environment and so the world ceases to be interesting.

    Sherlock Holmes - I enjoyed this quite a bit. There isn't nearly as much action as the trailers would have you believe. When there is action it doesn't seem intrusive. Downey and Law ease into their respective roles nearly effortlessly. Guy Richie's quirky directing style helped propel the story along, didn't seem gimmicky, and will keep you guessing.

    Funny Games - This show really played with my head. Two kids target a family for some sadistic games where they use torture to force the family members to play. A lot of tension. Events don't play out the way you think they should nor in the way you hope. The duo sadists are lead by a creepy spoiled kid with knowledge of the "fourth wall". He interacts at times with the audience and manages to cheat his own misfortune because of this special gift.

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    "Michael Jackson's This Is It"- This documentary follows the months of preparation and rehearsals for what would've been MJ's final concert tour. And I gotta say, if this tour would've happened, it would've been pretty fantastic. It's a shame what happened to Jackson, but the film wisely avoids any negative press and concentrates on his dedication to his craft, his sense of humor, and his relationship with his fans and team of dancers, designers, etc. Many of Jackson's classics are here, including "Billie Jean," "Beat It," and "Thriller," which looks INCREDIBLE in how it would've been presented. My only gripe comes from that I would've liked a few moments with MJ talking about why he chose certain stage setups or designs; but as this wasn't the point of the film crew, it just didn't happen. That would've been great.

    Regardless, "This is It" is really great film about a music icon that never got another shot. Rating- ***1/2 out of ****
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    Last night I watched "American Virgin" it pretty much sucked, not exactly Rob Schneider's best work.

    It did have a few funny moments, but overall the acting was bad, the plot was horrible and the character development was non-existent.
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    I just watched The Bridge on the River Kwai, which was pretty great. It was strange but fun to see Alec Guinness in a non-Obi-Wan role.
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    "What have I done?"

    I love the way Obers delivers that line!
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