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    "The Hurt Locker"- This film follows three American Soldiers in Iraq as they work to disarm improvised explosives. While the film is very suspensful and gripping, I do wish the script would have allowed for a bit more depth with the characters. Granted, we do get some information about some of the characters, but to me they felt too generic at times. What makes these guys tick and why? The film gets to the heart to the heart of the matter, but not enough. Still, this is a very intense film that has great cinematography and is a fantastic film depicting the Iraq War. Rating- *** out of ****
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    Quote Originally Posted by OC47150 View Post
    You should give Guns of Navarone a watch, Ji'dai. It's one of my and mom's favorites. We just watched it last night.

    Mom and I have our guy movies: Navarone, Where Eagles Dare and the Great Escape. Can't get any better than that.
    Sure, Guns of Navarone is a classic. I've seen that one several times. I always get it confused with Force 10 from Navarone (1978) with Robert Shaw & Harrison Ford, which isn't quite as good.

    Operation Crossbow with George Peppard is decent too. I watched that one again last year for the first time in many years. Peppard plays one of several Allied agents sent in to infiltrate and destroy a German rocket base inside a mountain.


    Suspicions, guilt, and nerves drive four women who committed a payroll heist to turn on each other in the okay 1958 exploitive crime drama Girls on the Loose. Paul Henreid, who played Victor Laszlo in Casablanca, directed this film.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jonthejedi View Post
    The Great Escape is a classic, no question. For a slightly different take on the usual WWII squad story...try to get your hands on A Midnight Clear & the extended version of Big Red One(still Mark Hamill's best performance & a fantastic Lee Marvin as The Sergeant...this is director Sam Fuller's recollection).
    The pre-restoration version is the version shown on TV. It's hard to watch that one when you have the more superior restoration.

    Crossbow is good, too. I understand there's a couple of deleted scenes that didn't make the DVD. The big scene shows Peppard getting beat up, which explains the bandage on his forehead.

    I have A Midnight Clear on video (taped it off cable years ago). I need to watch it again.

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    I watched The Tuskegee Airmen.

    Lawrence Fishbourne (The Matrix, Boyz In The Hood) and Cuba Gooding, Jr. (also Boyz In The Hood) star in this next WWII flick.

    They're both alright, but there's another actor who's actually the best fighter pilot in the squadron who outshines them both. I forget his name, but not what happens to his character that he plays. That's the best performance of the movie if you ask me.

    Yes the pilots were black, but all of them were very well-educated and college graduates (the Tuskegee pilots - which had a segregated black squadron - but not all Tuskegee pilots were black).

    They see combat first in Africa before they are sent into the European theater fighting the Germans. They are always fighting white Americans for their chance to suceed. It's a moving story you should see.

    What's also funny to note is that in Tuskegee, Fishburne and Gooding play squadron-mates, presumably the same age. In Boyz In The Hood, Fishburne played Gooding's father! LOL

    Anyway, what's also noteworthy is that while I know this movie is historically based and true, it is very predictable and possibly cliche. There were really no surprises for me, but it's not like you go to see Titanic and not think the ship will eventually sink.
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    I've never seen The Tuskegee Airmen. Another good one is The Bridge at Remagen (1969), which I watched last year. US Army forces race to sieze and hold the last bridge over the Rhine before the Germans can destroy it.


    The films and the filmmakers of the 1970s are explored in the interesting 2003 Independent Film Channel documentary A Decade Under the Influence. Audiences of the decade grow tired of the big-budget glam of the Hollywood studio system and flock to low-budget films by the student filmmaker generation, who try to portray the current state of American society and the counter-culture revolution in a more realistic manner.

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    caught Sleepy Hollow the other day and to this day i love the performance Johnny depp gives after he first sees the Horseman up close. one of Burton's Best.

    going to the NYC soon to visit the Museum of Modern Art (MOMA) and see the Tim Burton exhibit. can't wait to see some of the original artwork and props from the films. I hear they might even have the Batmobile on display as well. can't wait. hoping to go sometime the end of February.
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    Ji'Dai, The Bridge At Remagen almost sounds like the same story in "A Bridge Too Far," or the one they hold in "Saving Private Ryan." But I think those were different towns in both those movies. Yeah: holding the bridges (or building them by Army Engineers) was the key to reconquering Europe for sure!

    In the Pacific Theater it was an air-superiority battle in reality, and taking over each island on the approach to Japan, however, I'd joke that the movies were "A Rice Paddy Too Far," and "Saving Uncle Ben."
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    Watched The Caine Mutiny today with Bogart, Jose Ferrer & Fred MacMurray-excellent WWII naval drama. The book it was based on won a Pulitzer.
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    I watched UHF last night, though people were talking a lot through it. I've seen it before and love it, but I had somehow not realized that John Paragon (Jambi and many others from Pee-wee's Playhouse) played RJ Fletcher's son, which is pretty cool.
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    I saw The Tooth Fairy in the theater last Sunday. I think a trip to the dentist would have been more enjoyable and not lasted nearly as long.

    I also watched Zombieland this evening and I really liked that one. Very funny with some great unexpected moments. This one ranks right up there with Shawn of the Dead in my book.
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