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    Quote Originally Posted by Kidhuman View Post
    I watched the Longest Yard yesterday. I hate Sandler movies now, but i liked this for everyone else in it.
    Someone's a Nelly fan.
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    Thats who the running back was, I liked Michael Irving, Goldberg, the Old Italian guy and the rest of the team. Even Steve Austin was funny.
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    I've been watching the Ultimate Superman Collection, currently on III, Donner's cut was awesome in my opinion.
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    Quote Originally Posted by KH
    I watched the Longest Yard yesterday. I hate Sandler movies now, but i liked this for everyone else in it.

    Quote Originally Posted by Rocketboy View Post
    Someone's a Nelly fan.
    I think its either 1) Sean Sailsbury or maybe 2) Dan Patrick.

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    I watched Anatomy of Murder with Jimmy Stewart last night. Didn't intend to stay up so late but it was a good movie. Stewart plays a "small town country lawyer" defending an army lieutenant for murdering the man who raped his lascivious wife. Directed by Otto Preminger, this 1959 film caused quite a stir in it's day with it's "raunchy" dialogue and implied sexual language, though pretty tame by today's standards.
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    I saw "Happy Feet" over the weekend. It was cute. Robin Willliams was great in it. It's no Pixar movie but it's definitely worth a watch.

    I also got a chance to watch "Superman II: The Richard Donner Cut". It was cool seeing Brando in the movie and the new beginning, but deep down, I still prefer the original cut of the movie. This to me was kind of a counterpart "deleted scenes" movie to "Superman II", kind of like how "Wake Up, Ron Burgundy" was to "Anchorman". Only it doesn't suck like "Wake Up, Ron Burgundy" did.
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    I watched a couple of movies last night.

    The first one I watched was Pulse, which stars Kristen Bell and is a remake of a Japanese movie of the same name. I saw the original Japanese version a year or so ago and didn't really like it. When I heard that we (America) were remaking this movie I was somewhat excited. I thought this was one we could remake and actually have it be better than the Japanese original... boy was I wrong. This movie was bad! It wasn't even scary either; not one bit! You could tell where a lot of the scenes tried to be scary but they failed, miserably. The movie started out kinda slow but it looked kinda promising. But by the ending, it got just plain stupid. One of the few dim brightspots was Kristen Bell, who is hella cute btw, and some of the special effects were well done. Other than that, it was just awful. Unless you are a hardcore fan of the genre, or K. Bell, I would highly recommend you skip this one.

    After the dreadful Pulse, I switched gears and watched a comedy called Accepted which stars that one fellow from Jeeper's Creepers and the Mac commercials. I wasn't expecting a whole lot from this movie but it turned out to be decent. It wasn't the funniest movie I have seen but it had laughs consistantly throughout. Most all of the co-stars were all nobodies or relatively new-comers (with exception to Lewis Black) but they all did good jobs. I was actually pleasantly surprised with the cast. New comer Blake Lively was great as was Diora Baird. I would recommend this movie as a rental.
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    Watched Polar Express last night, very enjoyable. As I study for finals/write papers right now I have Season 1 of Stargate Atlantis playing in the background.
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    I finished all my Graduate Papers a few weeks early (30 pagesish), so I've been able to do NOTHING for the last week or so; it's been magical. I was able to knock down the following:
    -Smallville season 4 (i'm catching it up on the show; hopefully getting season 5 for christmas and then i'll use other methods to get the episodes from 6 i need to see)
    - Elf (quite possibly my favorite christmas movie, ever. Hysterical stuff. Plus, c'mon, Zoey Danschel; gorgeous and such a puurrty voice)
    - The Office season 2 (just random episodes while i eat/do dishes. This show never gets old for me)
    - Clerks II (great film all around)
    - and now i'm about 19 episodes into a Kids in the Hall marathon. I have the first 4 seasons and hopefully the last one for christmas.

    I love downtime.
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    I watched "Pirates of the Carribbean: Dead Man's Chest" last night. Thought it was really good. It did a good job of setting up another installment, so I am excited about that.
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