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    Rented The Red Baron WWI story focusing on Baron Von Richthoven. I liked it. Lots of cool Fockers in it, biplanes that is.

    Lena Headey (Sara Connor Chronicles) stars as a nurse. Even with her little snaggle tooth she's a cutie.

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    The Longest Yard (the Sandler remake versioin), it was ok. Far from his best or worst work.

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    The A-Team just held an international football game in the former East Germany as a cover so they could act on behalf of the CIA and help German scientists defect from the Soviet Block, as well as evacuate their families.
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    Yesterday I saw Toy Story 3. Excellent, but not as good as I'd read (and the 3D was pretty unnoticeable and pointless).

    Last night I watched Sunset Boulevard (1950). It came up in a recent movie podcast and Walmart had it for $4, so I gave it a whirl. Good flick that has held up rather well. There are a few very famous movie quotes that came from it ("I am big - it's the PICTURES that got small!" and "All right, Mr. DeMille, I'm ready for my close-up.").

    Tonight I just finished up Children of Men. Haven't seen it in a while. Good movie with some great scenes. Without spoiling anything, the opening scene, the car scene, and the city under siege scene are all fantastic long, continuous (for the most part) shots.
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    I just finished watching The A-Team Season 5.

    It is the best season of the show ever. I love their missions for the CIA!

    There is one episode just like Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull - only done better, with Murdock in the lead role. It has elements of Temple of Doom in it as well. The Team is in fact in pursuit of the Crystal Skull only then-Presdent Reagan wants to turn it over to the King of Morrocco for staging rights for American troops to contain Libya. Apparently, Ghafaffi had obtained the Crystal Skull and it was stolen from him by Australian fortune-hunters and Murdock goes after them.

    In another episode, Murdock assumes the like-personality of James Bond to stop an assassin, only he's CIA and not M16. Other than that it's a very good homage to James Bond and Casino Royale, with the addition of Face struggling to cope with Murdock now getting all the girls.

    Dwight Schultz really shined in Season 5 of The A-Team. No longer "exactly" insane, he assumes the greatest acting roles on the show this season.
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    A few days ago I saw Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. It was fun and well done, but I'd heard so much about it that maybe it didn't quite live up to the hype. Thoroughly enjoyable, though.

    Today I saw Magnum Force, the second Dirty Harry movie. It was awesome - right up there with the first, in my opinion.

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    Planet of the Apes (1968). On the big screen!!!! One of the local theatres does a midnight movie series in the summer and the Apes was Saturday night's feature. It was a good 35 mm print. And when Heston muttered the classic 'damn dirty ape' line, the fans cheered!

    The Big Red One Reconstructed. A friend and I were talking about this movie last weekend, and I just had to pop it in and watch it again. This is the director's cut of Sam Fuller's masterpiece, which adds about 40 minutes worth of footage. It's like a totally different movie.

    The Steel Helmet and A Hill in Korea. TCM showed some Korean War movies to mark the 60th anniversary of the war. The Steel Helmet is another Fuller flick. A Hill in Korea is a British movie which had very young Michael Caine and Robert Shaw in the ranks. Both were enjoyable.

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    I watched Red Heat with Arnold Schwarzeneggar playing a Russian cop tracking down a murderous drug dealer from the Soviet Union to the streets of Chicago.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tycho View Post
    I just finished watching The A-Team Season 5.
    I just love the photo you posted. Hollywood's usual lack of knowledge of gun safety prominently displayed for all to see. Makes me shudder!

    Hollywood: we're anti-gun, clueless about safety, and proud to show our ignorance! *SHEESH!*
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