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    I just finished watching Harold & Kumar Go To White Castle about a half hour ago. It has its decent moments fer sure.

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    Quote Originally Posted by El Chuxter View Post
    Not even for Aasif Mandvi?
    I wonder if TDSWJS would ever branch out, a la SNL, and do movies with mainly its correspondants as cast? I can see the marquee now: Mandvi, Bee, Jones, Oliver, Wilmore, Hodgman, Riggle in The Exponents. With camoes by Colbert, Carrell, Rocca, and Littleford. It'll make a mint; I mean Coneheads big!
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    In 'honor' of the 4th of July: Team America: World Police.

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    I watched your mama jell-o wrestling with Lindsay Lohan.

    Who won? I did, my friend. I did.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JimJamBonds View Post
    In 'honor' of the 4th of July: Team America: World Police.
    Thumbs up to this.
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    Finally saw Up and enjoyed it! (Thanks, Roojay!)

    It was Pixar night or something on Starz (tried to stay awake to see Wall-e but didn't make it) and saw that Up was on. We just changed over from Brighthouse to AT&T's U-Verse and have bundled landline, c-phone, internet, and TV on a deal. We get a gazillion channels to test for a year and I was surfing when I found Pixar night. The U-Verse thing seems pretty good so far. It may make a TV viewer out of me yet.
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    Gettysburg. I thought it was appropriate to watch it this Independence Day weekend. The fake beards always cracks me up. I think you can count on one hand the actors with real beards and mustaches.

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    Disney's The Sword in the Stone, which I had never seen before (though I remember seeing bits and pieces). It kind of doddled along, having similar scenes over and over, and not really going anywhere until the last ten minutes or so. I'm not too familiar with Arthurian legends, so it was interesting to see the connections to other "hero's journey" stories.
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    Sword in the Stone isn't the strongest Disney film by a long shot. It's easily one of the weaker films, though still fairly enjoyable. It's not nearly as bad as, say, The Wild, or The Black Cauldron.

    Speaking of which, someone really needs to do a strong, faithful adaptation of the Chronicles of Prydain. They could easily by LOTR-class good.
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