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    Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland.

    Enjoyed it far more than I expected, especially Mia Wasikowska's portrayal of Alice. Depp was no surprise that he would nail it as the Mad Hatter.

    I was, however, disappointed in Anne Hathaway and especially Helena Bonham Carter's performances. I was hoping for much more from Carter since she's so delicious as Bellatrix in the HP series.

    Story, effects, acting (for the most part), Danny Elfman's score... all-in-all: nicely done!
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    ^I too watched Alice this weekend....It was ok. Predictable and slower than I expected but visually arresting (like so many Burton films). Burton is becoming a genre lately and I miss his original works ala Beetlejuice, Nightmare B4XMas, and Scissorhands. I love his stuff and will always see it, I just miss the old days where you couldn't explain his films because the context was so original....

    Watched Zombieland last night: FRAKKING AWESOME!
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    The B&W Miracle on 34th Street. Simpler times... but still litigious.
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    Last night I watched "The Expendables" it was much better than I thought it would be.

    I also bought a few blu-rays today.

    Kick *** ($7.99)
    Zombieland ($12.99)
    Superbad ($7.99)
    Logan's Run ($10)
    Wizard of Oz ($10)

    I bought a couple other blu-ray's from Wal-Mart but I can not list them because they are Christmas presents for the wife and she is right next to me.

    Anyway, it was a good day for cheap blu-ray if you were able to find 'em.

    Target had each LOTR for $7.99! Wal-Mart had a few for $5 and $10 plus they have a bunch of older titles for like $8 regular price.
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    The Expendables. I want to get a sex change and have that movie's baby.
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    Legion of Super Heroes the animated series.
    Watched both seasons on Youtube. While the stories were kid like there at the beginning they started to get more and more involved and serious as it went along. Lots of stories and villains taken right out of the silver age comic books. Though they took some liberties.
    Too bad it was cancelled. I hope the LOSH make another appearance down the road.

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    I saw Alice this week as well. I enjoyed it. I especially liked that it came off as more of a sequel to the cartoon. It's no Sleepy Hollow, but I think Burton did a good job considering it was a Disney film.
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    Quote Originally Posted by El Chuxter View Post
    The Expendables. I want to get a sex change and have that movie's baby.
    Son of the Expendables, coming soon to a theatre near you. Followed by:
    - Bride of the Expendables
    - The Expendablers
    - The Expendables with a Vengeance
    - Expendables 3-D
    - The Expendables Strike Back
    - The Return of the Attack of the Phantom Revenge of the New Hope Expendables
    - The Expendables 33 1/3
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    You forgot...

    The Expendables: Unexpended
    The Expendables: Expend This
    The Expendables: Revenge of the Expended
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    And Pixar's the Incredible Expendables.
    For my ally is the Force, and a powerful ally it is.

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