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    Quote Originally Posted by General_Grievous View Post
    I had no idea that the robot had this kind of a cult following. I just thought it was too campy. I was half expecting it to be at Apollo's funeral. Speaking of Apollo, he was my favorite character, and I probably took my anger out on the robot.
    The Robot should have been at Apollo's funeral.

    I saw Rocky 6 tonight. The Saga is Complete. Beautiful film.

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    Just saw Rocky Balboa. It was the best Rocky since Rocky II. Stallone was great. Even at 60, he's still got it. And it was cool seeing all the familiar places from the previous movies. Mason Dixon was a decent opponent, but he was no Creed or Drago. And I wish Adrian could have been in it, but it's still a great movie, regardless. Judging from best to worst of the series: I, II, VI, IV, III, V. This was a great farewell for them. Started on a good note, ended on a good note.
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    How can you say 4 is better than 3 ?

    It's because of the robot, isn't it ?

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    That robot will be the death of me.

    Actually, I liked III and IV equally. I just put IV first cause of the awesome soundtrack (which included a reprise of "Eye of the Tiger", "Hearts on Fire",and that James Brown song).
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    Can't argue with that, sir. Please don't forget "Burning Heart" which is also by Survivor !

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    [interrupt Rocky discussion]

    Watched Lady in the Water and A Scanner Darkly the other night.

    [/end interruption of Rocky discussion]
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    Just watched The Ringer on Cinemax. It was actually pretty funny. Brian Cox was (surprisingly) hilarious, and Katherine Heigl is smokin'! Overall, it was worth a watch.
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    Quote Originally Posted by General_Grievous View Post
    And I wish Adrian could have been in it,...
    How could she still put up with him wanting to fight? Besides her death plays a wee bit into the story.

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    I saw Rocky Balboa for the second time in 3 days.

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    Tried to watch A Sound of Thunder but ultimately gave up after twenty minutes. Released last year, it stars Ben "I already have an Oscar so I can do any piece of crap I want" Kingsley and is based on the Ray Bradbury short story most of us probably read in junior high. The CG graphics were amateurish and looked like renderings from some video game rather than a feature film.

    Finally wrangled a copy of Superman Returns from the library. I liked this one - I was sooo glad they didn't spend the first half of the movie on the boring, obligatory superhero origin story everyone already knows. I wish the other comic adaptations had been like this one.

    Recorded Countess Dracula's Orgy of Blood off STARZ late last week and finally got around to watching it. There was a plot here but I lost it amid the lousy dialogue, bad camera work, and the multiple busty girl-on-girl lesbo sex romps. It was written and directed by Donald F. Glut, who penned quite few classic 80's cartoon episodes in such luminary series as The Transformers, Spiderman & Friends, and He-Man. Apparently he does soft-porn these days. Hey, a man's gotta eat, right?
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