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    Kinda like the Bourne Identity with estrogen.
    ¡Que la fuerza te acompañe!

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    I finally watched Plunkett & Macleane all the way through. Surprisingly, it was pretty good. The titular "Gentlemen Highwaymen" robbers sneak their way through 18th century England.
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    I started watching The Expendables but I gave up after about 20 minutes, it was that bad....imho.

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    633 Squadron

    ...on the Military Channel's "An Officer and A Movie" feature with Lou Diamond Phillips. Lou even mentioned that it was rumored that the climatic ending of the movie was said to have influence G.Lu in the attack on the Death Star scene.
    ¡Que la fuerza te acompañe!

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    I just finished the Harry Potter movies something something Part 2.

    I was pretty good.
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    Watched Green Street Hooligans for the second time last week. Every bit as good as it was the first time around. I thought American sports fans were obessive, I had no idea that British Football (Soccer) fans were anything like that over across the pond. This is one I will probably buy at some point.

    Also watched The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. Pretty impressed with the movie and plan to check out the other two here soon.

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    Thor: I thought it was ok, nothing special really (sorry NatPo)

    Captain America: Better then Thor....I'd say it was decent but not great.

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    I finally saw (most of) Ratatouille. Not bad, but I can see why it doesn't get "top Pixar movie" rankings (not as kiddie, IMO).
    "May the 4th be with you?" "Why yes, thank you for asking."

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    I watched Super 8 and The Change Up.

    Super 8 was pretty good. The Change Up was funny but as with any of these type of movies it was a bit predictable.
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    Had some time off of work so I've been catching up on my movies. Watched Conan: The Barbarian, 30 Minutes or Less, Smurfs and Another Earth last week.

    The new Conan was pretty good. It seemed like it was trying too hard to be bloody when it wasn't really necessary for the story. If fact, most of the time the blood splatters were so unrealistically exaggerated that they made the movie seem like a parody of itself. The story felt overdeveloped in some areas. Almost like the writers just assumed that everyone watching the movie would be well-versed in the Conan mythology.

    30 Minutes or Less was okay. Funny in parts, but also unnecessarily vulgar in ways that didn't enhance the story, but just seemed to be arbitrarily placed into the film for shock value. It didn't feel like any of the actors in the film were really interested in their roles at all.

    Smurfs was actually funnier than I expected it to be. The premise of the movie was going to be ridiculous no matter how it was written, so it was good to see that the film just accepted that fact and ran with it. I think Neil Patrick Harris was miscast in his role, but otherwise it's a fun little family film.

    Another Earth is probably one of the better films I've seen in a long, long time. I would highly recommend it for anyone who prefers thought-provoking, character-driven sci-fi over the bloated, computer-generated blockbusters that we usually get. It's also a visually beautiful film. The special-effects are minimalist, but very effective for telling the story.

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