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    Yeah. My friends and I used to cut off the ammo clip below the handle of his Uzi accessory. Remember: Snake Eyes' designation was Commando, meaning he's a weaponS expert, not just of martial arts and blades.
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    I finished watching "Hatfield's & McCoy's" last night. Good mini-series. Good character development. It was really well done IMO.
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    Snake Eyes used a gun when he killed the Viet Cong assassins who shot the Baroness's brother (Baron Eugen deCobray), which is, I think, his earliest shown kill, chronologically speaking.

    And to think, if not for a spoiled teenaged girl mistakenly thinking the American shot her brother, the history of terrorism in the 80s would've played out much, much differently.
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    I loved the Hatfields and McCoys!!!

    The DVD comes out July 31st, and I will buy it (and probably watch the extras).

    But right now I have HaM recorded on my DVR and I plan to watch the whole thing a second time.

    I loved how the Civil War Re-Enacting scenes came out and the gunbattle in the clearing. That's what I do at least 2 weekends every month (I fight on 19th century sailing ships or go to baseball games or play on my own team on other weekends). Directors use us in movies and television productions and I've also been in a rock music video (Dry The River, "New Ceremony" - official video on YouTube, not available for mobile viewing - so use your computer to look it up).

    Anyway, I would have been on McCoy's side, I think. Both were wronged though - and both were guilty. Devil Anse Hatfield was not the bad guy. His uncontrollable relatives were, but his political power insulated him and thus made his reputation suspect.

    McCoy was wronged and couldn't get justice, but his sons were wrong to try and settle things by letting the anymosity get a hold of them so much to make them capable of murder.

    This was a great, great series!
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    Quote Originally Posted by bigbarada View Post
    The first two Snake-Eyes action figures carried a gun, and he used guns frequently in the cartoon.
    I wasn't sure, its been a bit since I've seen the cartoons, but it seemed 'odd' to me.

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    Snake Eyes in the cartoon was a joke because the writers admitted they had no idea how to write a silent character who dresses in black, particularly if he can't kill people.

    You can easily tell if someone grew up reading the Joe comic or watching the Joe cartoon by asking them whether they prefer Duke or Snake Eyes. Duke rarely appeared in the comic, because the writer thought he was redundant (Hawk was in the comic from the beginning, which pre-dated the cartoon by about a year) and didn't much care for him.
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    Bill Clinton announced the western, "High Noon," is his all-time favorite movie.

    I've never seen it, but parts of it were shown during his CNN interview.

    I'll have to check it out.

    It was fiction disguising political commentary in a western, as the movie was anti-McCarthy directed back in the day.

    Clinton said he's watched it like 25 times.
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    Yeah, but does he have all the action figures MOC and attend the High Noon conventions? :Ifeelyourpain:
    "I went to Star Wars Celebration VII in Anaheim, and I didn't get even a lousy t-shirt."

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    I rented Red Tails today and watched it. It was okay. The acting and the writing made me feel like I was watching a 1980s made-for-TV movie... one of the bad ones. The dog fight sequences were pretty good, but not enough to save the film from mediocrity. The pacing felt really slow and the editing seems awkward in parts. I understand the kind of movie that Lucas was trying to make, but overall I just don't think it worked. With vastly improved visual effects, high-definition picture and the high cost of movie tickets these days, I think audiences just need more from a movie than a poorly-acted, propaganda film with cardboard-cutout characters.

    Also watched Drive, which was almost the flip-side of the coin. It was intentionally slow paced, but in a way that built up tension and never seemed to drag the movie down. I don't want to give anything about the ending away, for those who haven't seen it yet, but would it kill people to write a movie with a happy ending once in a while? I'm getting a bit tired of watching all of these well-crafted movies with depressing endings.
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