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    Sergeant York (1941). Gary Cooper's protrayal of WWI Medal of Honor winner Alvin York. The first part was a little slow but it picked up after York got into the army.

    Morons from Outer Space (1985). I was in the mood for a dumb movie, and this was it. Space aliens that resembled humans an awful lot crashed on earth and are turned into celebrities. It's a British movie and did have some genuiely funny moments.

    The Doctor and the Devils (1985). Another Brit movie, and it's loosely based on the Burke and Haire grave-robbers in Scotland in the late 1800s. Timothy Dalton is the doctor who gets the stolen/murdered bodies from Jonathan Pryce and Stephen Rea. This movie was produced by Mel Brooks' production company, and the script was written by Dylan Thomas, his only script.

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    The Wolf Of Wall Street ~ Holy cow, I need a shower after watching that movie due to all the sleaze that I saw.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Maradona View Post
    Saw Godzilla last night. Wow! Gareth Edwards delivered. I was both skeptical and excited when I went in - skeptical because I'm often disappointed with properties I'm invested in because of genre or legacy (such as my utter disappointment in Pacific Rim last year) and excited because I had seen Monsters several years ago and had evidence of what Edwards could do with visual storytelling. Godzilla did not disappoint me and I look forward to seeing it again. I saw a 3D screening, so maybe I'll go IMAX next.
    I agree completely, I loved it!

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    Bad Country which had a crap load a people. Tom Berenger, Amy Smart, Matt Dillon, Billy Dafoe and Nel McDonough. Its set in the early 80's in southern Louisiana, Dafoe is a cop who gets Dillon (a felon) to turn against his old boss Berenger. Amy Smart is Dillon's wife. It wasn't bad for a Red Box pick, then again it wasn't great. You can see what's going to happen.

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    Man of Steel ~ not bad, although I wasn't familiar with the back story of Senior Kent. That codex thing made no sense to me until they (finally) told us about it.

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    Another showing of The Shawshank Redemption, but even though it had cable commercial breaks, it was not edited for cable. Saw and heard the parts that basic cable normally removes; also got to see the opening scenes I rarely have seen.
    I predict that the upcoming Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi film will include the word "and." Multiple times.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bel-Cam Jos View Post
    Another showing of The Shawshank Redemption, but even though it had cable commercial breaks, it was not edited for cable. Saw and heard the parts that basic cable normally removes; also got to see the opening scenes I rarely have seen.
    And it only took double the time (if it was on TNT/TBS).

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    Warriors of the PCT. Its a documentary one guy shot while walking the 2,700ish mile Pacific Crest Trail that starts in California by the border with Mexico to the Canadian border. A friend of mine tried doing it last year but got hurt pretty much right away, he might try again next year and wants me to tag along. While I'd love to I can't swing that much time off but I might join him for a week or so.

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    The Monuments Men ~ based on a true story from World War II where a group of artists head over to Europe to save the world's treasures from the Nazi's. While it is based on a true story (and I'm somewhat familar with said story before seeing the movie) it does take artistic licensing, and when compared to Band of Brothers which imho is the best WW 2 film/series it stinks. But taken on its own it is a decent flick if you look past/ignore what you see.

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    My Dinner with Andre - Troma did production on this thoughtful conversation built around a meal where the only dramatic conflict is in the lightly-drawn (aside from one or two scenes) differences in philosophical takes on late '70s western society as approached by two theater artists -- one a director, the other a writer. TROMA!!! No oozing, no boobs, just dinner conversation. The film is engrossing, at first it seems entirely one-sided and pretentious, but then the titular Andre calls his own behavior out as abhorrent and things liven up. Plus, Wallace Shawn uses "inconceivable!" towards the last quarter of this 2-hour talker. If you can get past the first half hour, this is a very engaging film and a surprising success given its quiet hype, yet certainly not everybody will be able to engage with it. Whether or not you think Andre is bonkers, some of his points hit home given that 33 years later our society has become far more obsessed with image and largely denigrated the concept of thought in what can easily be seen as a placating of the masses - whether by "they" or by "us". The movie makes you think, and it doesn't even yell at you to think, it merely engages you in well-written thoughts and doesn't force you to close the check on its ideas.
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