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    Watched Hulk this afternoon for the first time in a few years. Still boring to me. Way too much of a psychological drama. However, Jennifer Connelly still looked as lovely as ever. (Props to Chux)
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    A Evening with Keving Smith: Evening Harder and 300 (again) over the last few days.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JimJamBonds View Post
    and 300 (again) over the last few days.
    How did you watch this one?!?!?!?
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    Watched The Groomsmen last night. Pretty funny movie with Jay Mohr, Ed Burns, John Leguimzano(sp?).
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    I'm currently going through my dvd set of The Adventures of Superman tv show. I am on seasons 5 and 6, all in great color!!

    I love these old shows from the 50's. Even though the "special effects" and sets can be cheesy, its always fun to watch the classics.
    Man, I wish George Reeves hadn't died.
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    watched fantastic four the other day

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    I started The Adventures of Brisco County Jr. today. So far I've watched two episodes and I'm really enjoying the show, having never seen it before. Looking forward to see what ol' Bruce, I mean Brisco, gets into next.
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    Big Fish and Clerks II

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    watched "Ghost Rider" today. ** out of ****- just not a good flick. Some great CGI moments, but for the most part, really boring and not really fun.

    Also watched the documentary called "The Bridge" and gave it *** out of ****. It's a very up close and personal documentary about folks who jump off the Golden Gate Bridge. There is footage of about eight jumps cut with interviews with friends and family. It's odd cos you have these horrific jumps cut with gorgeous shots of San Francisco and the bridge, which is one of the most beloved landmarks in the US. Very moving and very disturbing film.
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    Yesterday I watched Old School for the first time in ages.So funny. I forgot how endlessly quotable that movie is.
    After that I watched the first half of Clerks 2, right up to the end of the Pillow Pants scene.

    And last night I caught a late show of Fantastic Four 2. Good, fun stuff.
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