This is basically a thread where you can post and discuss what movies you have watched recently and what you thought of them. These movies can be old, new, in the theater, on dvd, tv, etc, it doesn't matter. It’s just a general thread. This would also be a good place to discuss films that don't need a thread dedicated to them, like Lollilove , j/k Caesar. I do ask one thing which applies mainly to the newer films; please try to avoid from posting any spoilers unless you give warning. Thank you.

Well I guess I'll start. I watched Running Scared last Friday, on dvd, and it was surprisingly good. Sure, some of the parts of the movie and dialogue were kinda cheesy, (what move starring Paul Walker isn’t?) but overall it was a good film. I found one of the sub-plots in the movie to be pretty disturbing (if anyone has seen this film you probably know what I'm talking about) but it was well done and played out perfectly. It definitely added to the movie and made it even better. Running Scared definitely has its twists and turns although most of these occur towards the end of the film. I don’t want to give anything away but like I said, I was really surprised at what a good movie this turned out to be and I can highly recommend it, at least as a rental.

I have also recently watched Date Movie, well about the first 20 minutes of it, and had to stop watching. It was horrible. Stay far very far away from this one.

Sooo.... what have you all watched lately?