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I just got done watchin' War of the Worlds. I still think it's a good movie except for the fact that I stopped watchin' after they killed the tripod in Boston. I love the movie but I absolutely HATE the happy ending.
I watched it last Saturday on HBO for the first time since hating it in the theater last summer, thinking maybe I'd like it more the second time around. I didn't.

I'll tell you what's next on my To Watch list, the next two are The Last Boy Scout and The Program. I just got back from a horror movie convention and among the guests were Danielle Harris (Mike Myers' niece from Halloween 4 and 5) who was Bruce Willis' kid in Last Boyscout and another guest was Andrew Bryzniarski aka Leatherface from the crappy new Chainsaw Massacre movies - but he played Lattimer in The Program which was cheesy but a staple of my high school football experience. So yeah, I haven't seen either of those in a long time and now they are up on my list.

Oh, and I need to watch They Live for the first time in awhile since Rowdy Roddy Piper was there this weekend as well.